TERRAZZCO® - Terrazzo Supply: Precast, Epoxy and Aggregates
Here at Concord Terrazzo Company, we take the time to think about the process as well as the finished product, making our TERRAZZCO Brand Products a favorite to architects, general contractors, and subcontractors alike. Explore our innovative terrazzo products ranging from epoxy resins, precast terrazzo and decorative terrazzo aggregates.
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TERRAZZCO® Brand Products is a line of terrazzo products distributed by Concord Terrazzo Company. We are committed to supplying our customers with high quality, industry leading products and services.

Precast Fabricator

Precast Fabricator

Concord Precast Division manufactures precast terrazzo products from countertops, wall panels, stair treads and shower bases and more. Concord Terrazzo Company makes its products from 100% solids and is completely VOC free. This results in little to no off-gassing, leading to improved air quality during the installation and which is beneficial to the life cycle of the building.


Concord Terrazzo Company is an Associate Member of the NTMA for precast terrazzo fabrication. Learn more about our precast products.

Epoxy Resin Producer

Epoxy Resin Producer

TERRAZZCO® is the only epoxy terrazzo manufacturer in the southeastern United States, providing faster delivery, lower freight costs, and contributing to LEED points if within 500 miles of the project’s site. TERRAZZCO® Brand Epoxy products meet and exceed all industry standards and pass all ASTM test criteria in regards to specifications nationwide. We produce a line of two-part epoxy systems that factor into contributing to a project’s LEED certification goals.


Concord Terrazzo Company is an Associate Member of the NTMA in epoxy resin production. View our technical data sheets.


Aggregate Supplier

Aggregate Supplier

TERRAZZCO® offers a great choice of beautiful standard and exotic aggregates from around the world. Locally sourced aggregates can contribute to even greater LEED points if within 500 miles of the project’s site. These decorative aggregates offer a timeless beauty to any countertop, floor or any other terrazzo surface.


Concord Terrazzo Company is an Associate Member of the NTMA in aggregate supply.

Sample Matching

Sample Matching

Concord Terrazzo Company matches existing terrazzo samples or creates new samples for architects and interior designers. The design team has a two-week or less turnaround on all custom sample requests, which we make readily available at no cost to the architectural and design community. Choose from any palette color and view how our samples can help in designing your next architectural project.
Product Development

Product Development

Our company develops innovative TERRAZZCO® Brand Products over time. Our engineering team researches and develops new opportunities to improve TERRAZZCO® products to create a more efficient way to install and maintain the terrazzo process. View our innovative products such as our Filter Press and Terraglow today.

Why Epoxy Terrazzo?


Whether poured in place or precast, the variety of resin colors, divider strips, and aggregates available mean that your design is limited only to your imagination


Terrazzo is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria, and only requires minimal daily maintenance in order to maintain its original brilliance


Epoxy terrazzo allows you to choose virtually any color for your project, and our matching process means we can match almost anything you throw at us!


The average life-span of epoxy terrazzo floors is 75 years with the proper care and maintenance.