Terrazzo Microaggregates


When choosing your aggregates, there are many factors to consider. One factor to consider is the chip size. In the terrazzo industry, we use terms like standard and venetian to sort out the aggregates. But TERRAZZCO® would like to introduce you to microaggregates.

Standard and Venetian Aggregate Chips

When developing a design for a terrazzo surface, you can use glass chips, seashells or stones. TERRAZZCO® crushes its line of aggregates at our factory and packages them into 50 pound bags. Most projects require the use of standard aggregates, which are chips labeled from size 0 to size 2. At an architect’s request, TERRAZZCO® can provide larger chip sizes refereed to as venetian chip. Venetian chips range from size 3 to size 8.

Introducing Microaggregates

However, that’s not the end of the spectrum. TERRAZZCO® has gone as far as to reduce the aggregate size past the standard #0. With microaggregates, the design flexibility of terrazzo just got expanded. Now the terrazzo surface can include a zero-minus or double zero size. Here have a look for yourself.

TERRAZZCO Micro Aggregate TERRAZZCO Microaggregate

TERRAZZCO Microaggregates TERRAZZCO Microaggregate

With the aggregate broken down to an even smaller size, it provides more opportunity to include different aggregates in various colors and sizes all within a given space. No grouting of the material is necessary.

At Concord Terrazzo Company, we find innovate ways to use our TERRAZZCO® Brand Products to revolutionize the terrazzo industry. Interested in Terraglow or any of our other products? Then contact a Concord Terrazzo representative today at (704) 921-4928 or info@terrazzco.com to receive more information.

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