Terrazzo Flooring Cost

Terrazzo flooring offers many benefits for designers and architects for their projects. With terrazzo gaining popularity recently, it is becoming a material that is highly sought after, which leads to the question: How much does terrazzo flooring cost?

Commercial applications like schools, hospitals and restaurants are increasingly adding terrazzo for its floors. Why you may ask? Terrazzo provides a great return in investment over the years for its longevity and design aesthetics. In fact, terrazzo has gained a resurgence because the material qualifies for LEED certification, as the material has a composition of up to 72 percent of post-consumer materials.

Terrazzo may have a higher initial cost than some flooring options available, but over time terrazzo is cost-effective. Because terrazzo requires less frequent replacements and low maintenance in comparison to materials like carpet or tile, terrazzo is a great option especially for high-traffic areas.

TERRAZZCO® Brand Products offers competitive pricing for all its epoxy resins, aggregates and precast. For more information about terrazzo flooring cost, please download our brochure below:

Download PDF: Life Cycle Cost Guide – TERRAZZCO