What is Palladiana Terrazzo

What is Palladiana Terrazzo?

Terrazzo has become a trending material to use in architecture and interior design projects around the world. You may have seen terrazzo used for floors, counters, bar tops, and walls. The material has received a mass attention for its unique style, and the design patterns are starting to show up in other common goods such as clothing, handbags, kitchenware and more. However, there is one particular type of terrazzo that clearly stands out from other floors – Palladiana Terrazzo.

What is Palladiana Terrazzo?

Palladiana terrazzo is a type of mosaic finish incorporating the use of large marble slabs at 3/8″ to 1″ thick.  Installers will create a layout of the floor using the marble slabs, and later fill in the joints between the slabs with standard terrazzo. The results are astonishing. Most terrazzo finishes use standard terrazzo today. However, the use of larger-sized aggregates can help to create a graphic-like effect. Venetian terrazzo is one of the latest trends in terrazzo, utilizing chips sizes #3 through #8 as part of the terrazzo design. Palladiana takes it one step more and uses marble slabs up to 15″ in dimension. The cost of terrazzo installations increases with the use of larger aggregates, such as Venetian and Palladiana Terrazzo. These floor styles change the perception that flooring is boring and make us believe that terrazzo can create a flooring surface that we’ve always dreamed of.

Making a Palladiana Terrazzo Floor

In this section, we will demonstrate how a Palladiana Terrazzo floor is put together. All photos were provided by Applied Green Technologies, Inc., a Division 9 specialty installer. Applied Green Technologies, Inc. is located in Miami, Florida. You can check out their projects by visiting their website www.appliedgreentechnologies.com/ or follow the company on Instagram.

Miami, and much of Florida use terrazzo for an interior floor finish. The photos you are about to see is the development of a local Miami resort.

Marble Slabs for Palladiana Terrazzo

Large marble slabs pre-installation.

Palladiana Terrazzo Floor Layout - Applied Green Technologies

Palladiana Terrazzo Floor Layout

Palladiana Terrazzo Flooring After Grinding

Palladiana Terrazzo Flooring once ground.

Palladiana Terrazzo Details

Detail view of Palladiana Terrazzo


Palladiana Terrazzo Projects Around the World


David Chipperfield’s Valentino Store in New York

David Chipperfield's Valentino Store in New York with terrazzo flooring and walls

Valentino Store in New York; Source: Dezeen.com

British architect David Chipperfield’s Valentino stores are among the most talked designs in architecture for his use of grey Palladiana Terrazzo throughout the buildings. Chipperfield has used terrazzo as a building material in many of his projects today, but his Valentino stores in New York, Paris,  London, and Rome showcases a different style than most retail boutiques. For the Valentino stores, you will notice that the Palladiana Terrazzo extends beyond the floors and onto the walls as well. It’s a beautiful project that helped give terrazzo its renaissance in today’s architectural and design world.

THE CUBE – Taiyuan City of Lights in China

The Cube Palladiana Terrazzo in China

The Cube – Taiyuan City of Lights in China; Source: Archdaily.com

Clou architects used a mixture of materials to create a bright and vibrant atmosphere. For this project, the architects used white Palladiana terrazzo flooring that blends nicely with the wall columns. One of the reasons Clou architects used white finishes was to amplify natural daylight throughout the building. The floor surely pops when looking at it from a distance.

Margot Molyneux Boutique in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town South Africa Palladiana Terrazzo Boutique

Margot Molyneux Boutique in Cape Town, South Africa; Source: sightunseen.com

Molyneux’s boutique showcases today’s minimalist design. By designing the store with Palladiana Terrazzo, the floor along with the interiors give the store a sophisticated and classy appearance. When women come to shop here, they should feel invited and comfortable as they shop.

Odette Restaurant in Singapore

Odette restaurant in Sinapore with Palladiana Terrazzo

Odette restaurant in Singapore; Source: dezeen.com

Palladiana terrazzo can come in different colors as well. Odette restaurant in Singapore is an example of that. Universal Design Studio designed this beautiful interior using pink Palladiana terrazzo, which gives the restaurant a bright interior. Traditional fine-dining restaurants tend to use darker tones, but Odette did the opposite to create a unique experience for diners.

Terrazzo has plenty of design variety, giving architects room to create extraordinary floor finishes that not only will amaze building users with its appearance, but also help create a space that is much more inviting and engaging than traditional flooring materials. Terrazzo has many benefits other than its design. In addition to its design capabilities, terrazzo is sustainable, durable, economical and low maintenance. If you have a question about terrazzo, give Concord Terrazzo Company a call at (704) 921-4928 or go ahead and submit a request for information here: Contact Concord Terrazzo Company.