The Future of Travel – Terrazzo Design at Lisbon Portella Airport

Portugal and airports around the globe are seeing an increase in passenger traffic. Today, Lisbon Airport is the 24th largest airport in Europe. With 22.4 million passengers recorded in 2016, Lisbon Airport combined elements of design and functionality to create a seamless experience for travelers in recent times. Due to the increase of travelers each year, Lisbon Airport expanded in 2007, developing a second terminal.

The Problem with Airport Travel

The future of air travel is changing. Over the past decades, travelers have expressed their disliking for airports. TSA security lines, lost luggage, travel delays, and discomfort aboard planes are all to blame for the negative sentiment. However, airport executives have listened and are now focusing on ways to make the travel experience more enjoyable and easier for travelers to find where they need to go.

Whether planning an awesome summer vacation or traveling for the holidays, nobody wants to be stuck at an airport. Design is one way to solve today’s airport problems, striving to make airport travel more convenient, comfortable, and safe for travelers.

A Solution at Lisbon Airport

As mentioned, architects are leaning on design to transform how airports are perceived today and well off into the future. When getting off a plane, travelers should feel that they landed someplace extraordinary. Art in Public Place programs hire local artists to create imagery representing the local culture. Vivid colors and eye-catching pieces of art are designed to engage travelers as the airport welcomes them to the city.

Lisbon Airport Terrazzo Design

Terrazzo Design at Lisbon Airport

One of the building materials that Lisbon Airport used was terrazzo. Terrazzo serves as the main flooring throughout the building.  Today architects are finding materials that enhance a building’s design while meeting sustainability goals. Terrazzo has both of these qualities, allowing creative flexibility but also accounting for LEED points through the use of recycled content and low-emitting substances. Terrazzo also has other beneficial attributes for airports such as eliminating noise from suitcases and reduced maintenance costs.

The Future of Travel

Airports play an important role in shaping a visitor’s impression of a city. Every year millions of passengers will pass through a single airport high expectations. From the moment a traveler leaves their homes to the time they return, they require an enjoyable and hassle-free experience. But more airports are changing the way their buildings look – from an institutional-looking space into a more upscale look similar to spaces you would see in today’s hotels and hospitals.

BVLGARI Lisbon Airport - Terrazzo Design

How can airports improve the traveler experience? Well, there are thousands of ways. Whether it is upgrading a facility with new technologies, adding shopping or entertainment attractions, or something as simple as installing terrazzo flooring, airports can find new solutions that make the travelers feel more connected. Giving traveler’s more options on how to spend their time at the airport is of paramount importance.

In conclusion, the future of travel will rely on airports understanding their passengers. What moments make their passengers annoyed? Where are their passengers going? Or what amenities and services do these passengers prefer? Meeting their needs will improve a traveler’s experience but will help airports find long-term solutions to design and functionality.

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