Understanding Moisture Mitigation

Understanding Moisture Mitigation

For new construction projects, moisture or liquid vapors trapped within a concrete floor can lead to installation delays and flooring damages during a floor’s lifecycle. Reducing excessive moisture vapor emissions should be a top priority for any commercial or residential flooring project. Thus why contractors should consider using a moisture mitigation system.

Moisture mitigation systems (or vapor mitigation systems) are available today for use during the installation phrase to keep excessive moisture levels down. These systems are designed to prevent the transmission of moisture vapors from a concrete slab to the surface.

How can someone prevent vapor transmissions?

a) Allow Slab to Dry.

In some situations, contractors are eager to meet project deadlines. As a result, projects are expedited before a slab has cured completely. Because of this moisture formulates costing contractors more resources and time to correct the issue.  To avoid an issue from arising, contractors should allow a concrete slab enough duration to dry.

b) Applying a Moisture Mitigation System

As mentioned before, applying a moisture mitigation system is a safe bet to prevent floor damages. An epoxy or resinous coating is applied on the top surface of a concrete slab. The moisture mitigation system forms a tight barrier with the concrete slab, minimizing the transfer of moisture vapors through the surface. It’s an easy system to apply for construction projects looking for for an installation stage that runs smoothly.

TERRAZZCO is Here to Help with Moisture Mitigation

Concord Terrazzo Company is a supplier of epoxy terrazzo building products. One solution for commercial flooring projects dealing with moisture vapor problems is the TERRAZZCO Moisture Mitigation System 950 (MMS 950), a VOC-free two-component epoxy resin cured with an amine curing agent.

MMS 950 is a perfect solution for slabs having a relative humidity of 90-99%. TERRAZZCO Brand Products are engineered to provide longer-lasting, efficient flooring systems for both epoxy and epoxy terrazzo flooring projects.

We supply epoxy resins in the United States and all over the world in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, India, Spain, and Indonesia. To learn more about our moisture mitigation solutions, please contact a Concord Terrazzo Compay representative at info@terrazzco.com and be sure to download our Moisture Mitigation System 950 Data Sheet for more product details.