TERRAZZCO® Brand Aggregates

Selection of Marble, Recycled Glass, and Shell Aggregates


TERRAZZCO® offers a wide range of aggregates from recycled glass to exotic seashells to decorative stones, to ensure that we are able to supply architects, designers and construction professionals with anything and everything they might need for their projects.


Many of the aggregates provide additional green benefits with thin-set epoxy terrazzo. Recycled glass chips and natural marble chips are sustainable aggregate choices that reduce the use of virgin materials in construction projects. In fact, any aggregate manufactured within 500 miles of the project can award architects and designers with LEED points.


Aggregates vary in color as well. We’ll be happy to provide any customized terrazzo samples so that you choose the best possible design for your floors, countertops and other terrazzo surfaces.


Browse our entire stock of exclusive aggregates. You may also download a copy of our aggregate brochure. For additional information, do not hesitate to contact us at info@terrazzo.com or (704) 921-4928.

TERRAZZCO Natural Terrazzo Aggregates
TERRAZZCO Recycled Terrazzo Aggregates
TERRAZZCO Exotic Terrazzo Aggregates
TERRAZZCO Aggregate Bag

All of our aggregates are packaged in 50 pound bags in-house to decrease lead times and increase convenience.

Standard Aggregate Size 0-2

Aggregates come in 3 different standard sizes, ranging from 0 – the smallest to 2 – the largest. Contact us to find out if other sizing options are available.


Our design experts are always ready to help you choose the perfect aggregate for your project. Call us at 704.921.4928 to speak with someone today.