TERRAZZCO® Brand Products Technical Data Sheets


Technical Data Sheets are available for TERRAZZCO® Brand Epoxy, Aggregates and Precast products. To review the product information, download each data sheet by clicking on the links below. If you have questions regarding our technical information, then contact a Concord Terrazzo Company representative at (704) 921-4928 or info@terrazzco.com.


TERRAZZCO® Brand Epoxy Technical Data Sheet
EZpour Epoxy 158 Download PDF
Bonding Agent 159 Download PDF
Floor Aid Flexible Membrane 528 Download PDF
Moisture Mitigation MMS 950 Download PDF
Flexa-Flex Joint Filler 1200 Download PDF
Leveling Fill Epoxy Download PDF
Clam-Tite Adhesive 680 Download PDF
TERRAZZCO® Brand Aggregates Technical Data Sheet
Marble Chips Download PDF
Glass Chips Download PDF
Mother of Pearl Download PDF
TERRAZZCO® Brand Precast Technical Data Sheet
Precast Terrazzo Base Download PDF
Precast Terrazzo Treads Download PDF
Precast Terrazzo Tile Download PDF
Terraglow Download PDF