Downloads: TERRAZZCO Architectural Binder

Architectural Binder

The TERRAZZCO Architectural Binder provides architects with a guide to the terrazzo industry. The Architectural Binder includes information about TERRAZZCO, color palettes, technical data sheets, and publications on how TERRAZZCO products benefits healthcare, education, and other commercial spaces. Download a copy of the Architectural Binder today.


TERRAZZCO Brand Products Aggregate Guide

Aggregate Brochure

The TERRAZZCO Aggregate Brochure provides architects and designers with a guide to the aggregates that TERRAZZCO supplies. Locally-sourced aggregates can contribute to project LEED points. TERRAZZO offers a wide range of standard and exotic aggregates that provide diversity in a terrazzo floor’s design. The brochure features the aggregate and its terrazzo sample counterpart. For pricing, contact a Concord Terrazzo representative at Download a copy of the Aggregate Brochure today.


Downloads: Concord Terrazzo Products and Services Brochure

Concord Terrazzo Services Brochure

Concord Terrazzo Company offers a wide range of services in the terrazzo industry. Using TERRAZZCO Brand Products in the process, we provide services in precast manufacturing, epoxy resin manufacturing, terrazzo replacements among our services. Get a closer look at the operations of each service that Concord Terrazzo Company provides. Download a copy of the Concord Terrazzo Services Brochure today.


Downloads: Epoxy Resin Technical Data Sheets for Architects and Interior Designers

Technical Data Sheets

TERRAZZCO products are tested via a third-party laboratory. The technical data sheets provide a details about each product from the typical use of the product, the application process, technical information and product advantages. Browse through the technical data sheets today.