TERRAZZCO® Brand Epoxy Resin

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TERRAZZCO® Brand Thin-Set Epoxy Terrazzo Products are manufactured on site at Concord Terrazzo Company in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are an associate member of the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association in thin-set epoxy terrazzo manufacturing.


Today designers, architects, and construction professionals are looking for new construction materials that will minimize environmental impact and contribute to LEED accreditation.


TERRAZZCO’s Brand Epoxy Products contain zero volatile organic compounds. As a result, this eliminates off gassing and pollution during production, installation and throughout the duration of the terrazzo’s life cycle.


Combine TERRAZZCO® EZPour epoxy or other epoxy products with locally sourced and/or recycled aggregates to create the perfect environmentally-friendly flooring surfaces in a commercial or residential space. In addition to our line of TERRAZZCO® Brand Epoxy, TERRAZZCO® also manufactures a multitude of “green” friendly terrazzo sealers, strippers and cleaners.


One of the benefits of using TERRAZZCO® Brand Epoxy is the ability to tint our thin-set epoxy matrix to match almost any color possible. As a result, this provides designers and architects a full-color spectrum and limitless design capabilities.


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