TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158 Resin NTMA
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TERRAZZCO® EZpour Epoxy 158 is a pigmented, 100% solid (VOC free), two-component epoxy resin system. When combined with an extensive variety of decorative aggregates and poured in place to 1/4″ or 3/8″ nominal thickness, it yields a highly decorative terrazzo flooring system. TERRAZZCO® EZpour Epoxy 158 provides incredible sustainability and high resistance to wearing while also being resistant to bacterial growth. The product also has the lowest life cycle cost of any flooring system available. Crack-resistant installations of TERRAZZCO® EZpour Epoxy 158 can be achieved when installed in conjunction with a TERRAZZCO® moisture vapor mitigation and flexible membrane FM 528.



  • Utilizes renewable resource components
  • VOC free for a healthier environment
  • Contributes toward LEED® credits
  • Manufactured and supplied from Southeast United States
  • Lowest life-cycle costing flooring system available
  • Extensive color capabilities allow for unlimited design variations
  • Self-priming, no primer needed

Typical Uses


TERRAZZCO® EZpour Epoxy 158 is perfect for almost any surface where a uniformly even, highly durable product is desired. TERRAZZCO® EZpour Epoxy 158 provides the best in aesthetic value and innovation making it ideal for commercial, industrial, and institutional uses.  EZpour Epoxy 158, when integrated with marble or granite aggregate resists heavy industrial wear and chemical corrosion making it perfect for pharmaceutical and chemical plants. TERRAZZCO® EZpour 158 is the superior decision for educational institutions, medical centers, sport facilities, and institutions because of its hygienic, smooth surface that is effortless to clean.


EZpour 158 resin often contains recycled materials such as fumed silica as well as waste filler powders from the glass and mineral industry. Combine this product with locally sourced and/or recycled materials and you will have the perfect environmentally friendly flooring surface that will most likely be used for the entire life cycled of the building in which they are installed.

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