TERRAZZCO Flexible Membrane 528 Epoxy Resin NTMA
TERRAZZCO® Floor Aid Flexible Membrane 528 Technical Data Sheet



TERRAZZCO® Floor Aid Flexible Membrane FM 528 is a 100% solids (VOC free), two component epoxy system applied to concrete in order to assist with the prevention of substrate cracks transferring through to the finish floor system due to horizontal movement. When used in combination with TERRAZZCO® resin floor system FM 528 provides a crack resistant, resilient and durable floor.



  • Crack resistant – Flexible yet durable
  • VOC free for a healthier environment
  • Reduces noise created by mechanical vibrations
  • Packaged and premeasured for easy mixing at work sites

Typical Uses


TERRAZZCO® Floor Aid FM 528 can be used in industrial, commercial, retail, institutional facilities and health care facilities.

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