TERRAZZCO Moisture Mitigation System MMS 950
TERRAZZCO® Moisture Mitigation System 950 Technical Data Sheet



MMS 950 is a VOC free 2 component epoxy resin cured with an amine curing agent and applied on the top surface of concrete slabs providing a barrier against moisture vapor transmission for slabs having a relative humidity of 90-99%. The product is mixed and applied onto the top surface of the concrete soaking into and sealing the pored while it builds a thin film layer approximately 6 mils on the surface. MMS 950 yields approximately 300 – 400 square feet per mixed unit. Coverage is based on porosity of the concrete and may require a second application for very porous surfaces.



  • VOC free
  • Eco-friendly contributing to LEED® credits
  • Easy application for tight construction schedules
  • Manufactured in the southern United States in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Packaged and premeasured for easy mixing at work sites

Typical Uses


MMS 950 is used to mitigate moisture vapor transmission through concrete slabs having 90-99% relative humidity when tested according to ASTM F2170. See application section below for more information.

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