Exotic Architectural Sample Collection

Terrazzo is a unique material where any color combination of aggregates and epoxy resin is possible.   The Concord Terrazzo Exotic Architectural Sample Collection uses 100% regionally sourced recycled glass and/or exotic aggregates. We promote the use of domestic and regionally sourced material to contribute to LEED Point criteria as well as to keep the costs of terrazzo material down.  Our exotic terrazzo line is not only beautiful, it is also economical and Earth-friendly.


Our design team provides a service to match any design imaginable at little or no cost to the architectural and design communities. Samples are a great way for architects, designers or contractors to evaluate their design needs before an installation begins.


Like these designs but not exactly what you are looking for? View hundreds of sample designs in our sample catalog. Click here to view our sample catalog.


Note: Please acknowledge that all TERRAZZCO samples are made to order at the time of the request. The Architectural Sample Collections are digital representations of what each design will look like. Please order the samples that you need. Our turnaround delivery on all samples is two weeks unless a Concord Terrazzo Representative states otherwise. Enjoy our Exotic Architectural Sample Collection!

Exotic Architectural Hard Sample #394 - Major Blue

Hard Sample #394

20% One-Sided Mirror #0

20% Clear Glass #1

20% Light Blue Glass #1

20% Prisma Glass #1

20% Cobalt Blue Glass #2

Exotic Architectural Hard Sample #395 - Honorable Blue

Hard Sample #395

25% Freshwater Mother of Pearl #2

25% Prisma Glass #2

25% Solid White Glass #2

25% One-Sided Mirror #0

Exotic Architectural Hard Sample #421 - Black Terrazzo

Hard Sample #421

30% Auto Black Glass #2

20% Prisma Glass #2

20% Freshwater Mother of Pearl #2

10% Solid White Glass #1

20% One-Sided Mirror #1

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