TERRAZZCO Filter Press

The TERRAZZCO® Filter Press is a portable slurry de-watering machine capable of creating one cubic foot of compressed solids from any slurry source. The equipment was designed to be a self-contained, fully automated, portable solution to on-site slurry disposal challenges. The machine has a hydraulic opening and closing mechanism, an on-board air compressor, and integrated PLC control for complete filtration automation. Overall, the TERRAZZCO® Filter Press is efficient and simple to use.

Filter Press Slurry
Filter Press Machine
Filter Press Compressed Solids


  • Highly durable wheels for on-site portability
  • Onboard compressor and slurry slump for quick plug-in use
  • Fits through standard 32″ door frame


  • Small enough to load in the back of a pickup truck
  • Automation for continuous supply of recycled, clean water



  • Concrete grinding and polishing
  • Terrazzo grinding and polishing
  • Stone fabrication shops

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