Cobalt Blue Aggregate from TERRAZZCO


Cobalt Blue Glass


A sensational dark blue glass aggregate, Cobalt Blue Glass is available exclusively through TERRAZZCO® Brand Products.


Aggregate chips come in a variety of different hardness, sizes, and colors, all in which can be ground and polished for any terrazzo finish.  Size #0, #1 and #2 chips are referred to as standard chips whereas #3 through #8 are referred to as Venetian.


Recycled Glass is among the latest trends in terrazzo. Architects and designers can benefit from incorporating recycled glass into their terrazzo designs as it contributes to LEED points.


For more information, contact a Concord Terrazzo representative at or (704) 921-4928.



Sample Request:

Concord Terrazzo Company provides samples to the architectural and design community at no cost, with a delivery time of two weeks or less. Please allow an extended lead time for Venetian terrazzo samples and for some custom terrazzo designs. If you would like to request a sample of TERRAZZCO’s Cobalt Blue Glass, please fill out our online form: Request a Terrazzo Sample.



Informational Guides:

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Chip Sizes:

<p><center>Aggregate Size #0</center>

Aggregate Size #0

<p><center>Aggregate Size #1</center>

Aggregate Size #1

<p><center>Aggregate Size #2</center>

Aggregate Size #2



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