4 Steps to Design Terrazzo

4 Steps to Design Terrazzo

4 Steps to Design Terrazzo

Picking your terrazzo for a project can be pretty daunting, so I’m here to help! I’ll provide you with 4 steps to design terrazzo for your next project.


Everything from resin color to aggregate size makes a HUGE impact on how the final product of your terrazzo will look, so it’s very important to take your time when deciding on what to use. Definitely not something to rush into!


Here are 4 tips to help you choose the perfect terrazzo for your next project!

1. Sort out interiors first

Whether you’re designing an office space or a cafeteria, I recommend that you pick out some accent pieces for your interior design first. This could be a chair, a painting, a table–essentially anything! Just make sure it’s impressive. This accent piece is really going to set the mood for everything else in the space, even the terrazzo.

Design Terrazzo Flooring

2. Design it

Now that you’ve got your accent piece(s) picked out, you need to actually design your floors. One of our partners came up with a few good tips for designing terrazzo floors, which you can find here.


Keep in mind that terrazzo can do just about anything. It can be as simple as one color or elaborate with an intricate logo design. The choice is yours!

3. Pick a color, any color for your terrazzo floor

When it comes to choosing colors for your terrazzo design, you have the opportunity to create a stunning floor. Whether you’re selecting colors from a paint deck or looking for hues that complement a fun chair you’ve chosen, this color choice will form the foundation of your terrazzo design. The selected color(s) will be used for the resin, giving you the flexibility to keep it simple with a single color or get creative by incorporating multiple colors. The number of resin colors you choose depends on the size of the space and your desired design. However, I recommend limiting it to no more than five resin colors per space for optimal results unless the project involves a highly artistic design.

Terrazzo Color Wheel

4. Time to rock by selecting your marble or glass aggregates!

Now comes the challenging part: selecting your aggregates for the terrazzo flooring. It can be a daunting task due to the vast array of possibilities, with each option available in various sizes. If you’re unsure about this selection process, I highly recommend reaching out to your terrazzo supplier for assistance. Their expertise can prove invaluable in helping you achieve the desired look. Simply provide them with a few details, and they can guide you from there. It’s crucial to make the right aggregate selection because choosing the wrong ones can negatively impact the overall appearance of your floor and, consequently, your entire space. We definitely want to avoid that outcome!

White Marble Terrazzo Aggregate

Those are the basics for picking terrazzo! That wasn’t so hard, was it?


It only takes 4 easy steps to decide on the perfect terrazzo for any project, so what are you waiting on?


If you need some help once you get to step 4, don’t hesitate to contact Concord Terrazzo Company at info@terrazzco.com or complete our online form.