5 Major Benefits of Installing Terrazzo

5 Major Benefits of Installing Terrazzo

5 Major Benefits of Installing Terrazzo


Terrazzo is a front-runner in many building projects today. Aside from being an all-purpose flooring material, terrazzo can also be engineered as wall panels or stairs that blend in nicely in schools, hospitals, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. There are different methods of installing terrazzo. Poured-in-place epoxy terrazzo has been a favorite among architects for its expansive design opportunities. Cement terrazzo is another popular option known for its vintage appearance and is highly suggested for use in exterior applications. And then we have precast terrazzo, a form of terrazzo pre-made under a controlled environment and later transported to the construction site to be installed. For those interested in the possibilities of terrazzo, we compiled 5 Major Benefits of Installing Terrazzo.


1 –  Longevity

Did you know that terrazzo often lasts longer than the entire lifespan of a building? Buildings sometimes go through several floor replacements in their lifetime; however, a terrazzo installation, eliminates the need to replace the floor finish ever.


Hundreds sometimes thousands of people walk through a school, hospital, or airport daily. Because terrazzo has high compressive strength, it can withstand heavy amounts of pressure caused by foot traffic or heavy machinery. The durability of the material allows the surface to last for years with minimal maintenance besides a daily routine cleaning.

Durable Terrazzo Flooring

2 – Low lifecycle costs

A terrazzo floor is an affordable solution for architects and building owners alike. When you factor the one-time terrazzo installation cost combined with low frequency in replacement costs, terrazzo is among the lowest life-cycle costs in flooring.

3- Design capabilities

Terrazzo stands out from other building materials based on its speckled appearance. In order to create terrazzo, an installer will combine any selection of aggregates ranging from marble to glass chips with any choice of resin color.


The results make a difference! There is a design for everybody. The floors can be fully customizable just like creating the terrazzo mix design. Buildings can add a special touch to their floors with an elaborate logo design or complex floor pattern.


As mentioned before, terrazzo goes beyond just flooring. Terrazzo opens up the door for exploration. Architects can create amazing countertops, shower stalls, or stairs if they desired.

Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

4 – Environmental friendliness

Terrazzo ranks as one of the most economical and environmentally-friendly flooring types available. It is often regarded as the first “green” flooring since its creation in the 15th century. Terrazzo manufacturers like Concord Terrazzo Company promote healthy environments by using sustainable materials. Under the TERRAZZCO Brand Products line, all our materials benefit the Earth and have long-term health benefits for a building’s occupants.


Terrazzo has adopted new measures over the years to become a sustainable flooring option. TERRAZZCO’s epoxy resin systems consist of rapidly renewable materials and contain no volatile organic compounds which promote better indoor air quality. Even the divider strips and sealers used during a terrazzo installation are environmentally friendly.


What is great about terrazzo is its contributions to LEED certifications. LEED serves as a guideline for achieving sustainable building design. This can be obtained through the choice of materials used in a terrazzo installation such as the use of post-consumer recycled glass or by selecting local materials that reduce carbon footprint.

5. Resistant surface

It is rare to damage a terrazzo floor. Terrazzo resists water damage, fire damage, chemical spillage, and other stain risks. With a recommended sealer by a local terrazzo contractor, you can add additional protection to the terrazzo floor.


One of the misconceptions of a terrazzo surface is the floor’s slipperiness. Terrazzo floors are in fact slip-resistant as well, making it a safe floor to walk on. However, in cases when wax or certain sealers are used across the surface, you can expect more accident-related injuries. Always consult a terrazzo contractor prior to adding a new coating.



TERRAZZCO Brand Products is a line of epoxy resin, precast, and aggregates distributed by Concord Terrazzo Company. TERRAZZCO® Brand products are produced with the intent of satisfying the U.S. Green Council’s LEED® Green Building Rating System. Our products are made from 100% solids and are completely VOC free which results in little to no off-gassing leading to improved air quality during installation and which is beneficial to the lifecycle of the building in which these products are installed. This factor contributes to your project’s LEED certification goals. In addition, TERRAZZCO® products are manufactured using renewable resources which can contribute to even greater LEED points.


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