5 Ways Terrazzo Trumps Marble

5 Ways Terrazzo Trumps Marble

5 Ways Terrazzo Trumps Marble: A Floor Comparison Analysis


When deciding the right flooring option to choose from, terrazzo has characteristics that exceed the quality of marble. Today we will focus on five ways terrazzo trumps marble as a flooring choice.


Advantages of Terrazzo Floors over Marble Floors


Color Options

The great thing about terrazzo is its design capabilities. Terrazzo comes with a great selection of aggregates and epoxy to match the color and pattern that is desired. On the other hand, marble is limited to its natural stone color.


Thinner and Stronger

Terrazzo is a stronger material than marble. Marble tile ranges from 3/8″ to 1/2″ in thickness. Terrazzo is 1/4″ thick, making it the thinner material also. Due to its durability, terrazzo can last up to 75 years with minimal repairs. With marble tiles, you have to worry about chipping at the edges. Once it breaks,  it is nearly impossible to properly repair a marble floor. As a result, restoring a marble floor is not cost-effective.

Terrazzo Floor Healthcare Environment

More Flexibility

Terrazzo can be formed to any shape, allowing you to get the most out of your design. Marble is inflexible, which limits it to certain shapes.


Eco-Friendly Option

Did you know that terrazzo is made from recycled materials?  Architects and designers are using terrazzo because it is a LEED certified material. Made from recycled materials like glass and quarry helps preserve the Earth’s natural resources. It is also VOC-free, which improves the air quality around us. Marble is a limited resource that requires a lot of energy to produce. Although marble is quite a beautiful flooring option, terrazzo can achieve similar results while providing a sustainable environment.


Easier to Maintain

Terrazzo is resistant to bacteria and chemicals. Marble is susceptible to staining, making it harder to clean. You probably will have to invest in a proper cleaning solution for the marble to remove the necessary stains. For terrazzo floors, all you need is a mop and a bucket of warm water. It really is that simple.