Adding Terrazzo to Commercial Buildings

Adding Terrazzo to Commercial Spaces

Adding Terrazzo to Commercial Buildings

Terrazzo is an excellent flooring solution for today’s commercial buildings. Most buildings today experience a constant flow of foot traffic. Other than the high amounts of people walking across these floors, machinery and heavy carts can also shorten the lifecycle of the commercial floor. Thus, it is important for building owners to choose a floor that will last for years.


Why Terrazzo Is Used in Modern Buildings. 

Terrazzo happens to be in demand today for commercial buildings not only providing the durability to combat the daily flow of traffic, but also offering timeless beauty and low maintenance space. Terrazzo stands the test of time, requiring few repairs and no replacements. This ultimately saves building owners costs to maintain a flooring system. Some flooring materials become worn down quickly and will need replacing; however, terrazzo can last over 100 years with proper care.

Commercial Building with Terrazzo Flooring

What are the Terrazzo Options for Commercial Buildings?

Concord Terrazzo Company is dedicated to helping potential clients find a high-quality terrazzo product. For first-time users of terrazzo, we recommend epoxy terrazzo. Epoxy terrazzo has the lowest lifecycle cost of any flooring material available today. When looking for a long-lasting and durable product, epoxy terrazzo is ideal for locations such as airports, hotels, and corporate headquarters as there are fewer replacements over the course of the building’s lifespan. The material is nonporous and does not support bacterial growth and also has excellent chemical and water resistance. Of all the terrazzo systems, epoxy terrazzo is the quickest to complete by a terrazzo contractor, as the material is poured on-site, cured the next day, and grinded and polished to a finish.


There are also other terrazzo applications you can consider such as cementitious terrazzo systems and terrazzo tile. Compared to epoxy terrazzo, the drawbacks include limited design capabilities and lower lifecycles. Whereas epoxy terrazzo controls cracking and overall design with divider strips, terrazzo tile floors appear with grout lines. To understand which terrazzo solution is best for your commercial project, Concord Terrazzo Company can guide you on the details of each flooring finish.

White Epoxy Terrazzo Floor

Timeless Beauty of Terrazzo

Terrazzo can improve the beauty and quality of a commercial project. The beauty persists long after the terrazzo is installed. With a good maintenance plan and routine cleaning, the terrazzo will look as good as new decades from now.


People like using terrazzo because the material is flexible in design. Commercial buildings can transform their space to meet their design needs and wants. For example, an office lobby can look like a high-end floor finish you would see in a classy hotel lobby that evokes a warm and inviting feeling. Or buildings have the option of creating a space with a vibrant array of colors or adding a touch of personality with a floor logo.


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