Leading Supplier of Crushed Aggregates


With TERRAZZCO Brand Aggregates, our team provides aggregate solutions to satisfy customer needs. Our in-house crushing facility sources our own aggregates regionally and produces consistently-sized chips for industries including terrazzo flooring, specialty flooring, landscaping, and other construction applications.

Great Quality Aggregates.

Great Convenience.


The majority of our aggregates are packaged in 50-pound bags and pallet-size quantities to decrease lead times and increase convenience for our clients. TERRAZZCO is also able to fulfill larger quantities in super sacks or full truckloads as well.


Larger requests are crushed to order which allows our representatives to provide the most competitive pricing on the market for our clients. TERRAZZCO distributes material anywhere across North America, with our goal to deliver all materials complete to the job site on time.

TERRAZZCO Aggregates

Diverse Aggregate Size and Color Options


TERRAZZCO® crushes and processes marble, glass, and shell chips varying in color and sizes. We use cone crushers, jaw crushers, and other technology to crush aggregates into the following grades:


  • #000 (Fine Fillers)
  • #00 (Micro Aggregates)
  • #0-2 (Standard Aggregates)
  • #3 (Oversized Aggregates)
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TERRAZZCO representatives are available to assist you in finding the right color and size for your project, and help you place an order.


*Aggregate Sizes: #0, #1, #2; Packaging: Large Quantities*


Daily Production


As a leading provider of marble and glass chips across North America, TERRAZZCO ensures a quality product from start to finish. This begins with sourcing post-industrial and post-consumer regionally to run through our in-house crusher. Aggregates are crushed to a specific grade, dried, packaged in 50-pound bag through automation, and palletized for convenient shipping.


TERRAZZCO has the capabilities to crush up to 30 tons of marble and glass chips daily primarily sourced for epoxy terrazzo projects in the United States.

Quality Aggregates When You Need It


With over 50+ color of aggregates crushed at any size, TERRAZZCO delivers quality and convenience to meet your project needs. We offer different quantities for shipping and delivery.

50 pound bags of aggregates

50-Pound Bags


Most TERRAZZCO aggregates are processed and packed into 50-pound bags, labeled according to the aggregate type and size. For convenience, 50-pound bags are grouped onto pallets for larger shipments. 

TERRAZZCO 50-pound bags

Pallet-Size Quantities


TERRAZZCO provides aggregates in pallets. A total of fifty 50-pound bags are shrink-wrapped per pallet. Each pallet is stored in our warehouse and made readily available for shipment once ordered.

Supersacks of Aggregates

Super Sack Tons


Aggregates are available in super sack quantities. Each super sack weighs approximately 3,000 pounds each (1.5 tons of aggregates). A TERRAZZCO representative may discuss whether ordering pallet-size quantities or supersack is more appropriate for your intended use. 

Shipment Delivered

Special Aggregate Orders


Ordering marble and glass chips in bulk can yield cost savings for contractors. For orders requiring large quantities (10-100+ tons or more), TERRAZZCO representatives can help you check the availability of aggregates and arrange set up for pallets, super sacks or full truckload options.

Contact us for more information, request pricing, or place an order.