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Transform Your Project with High-Quality Terrazzo Aggregates


TERRAZZCO Brand Aggregates offers customers with a wide selection of aggregate solutions to meet their project requirements. Our in-house crushing facility sources our own aggregates regionally and produces consistently-sized chips for industries including terrazzo, specialty flooring, landscaping, and construction projects.


Aggregates are packaged in 50-pound bags and pallet-size quantities. TERRAZZCO is also able to fulfill larger quantities as well. We have the resources and expertise to deliver what you need when you need it.

TERRAZZCO Wholesale Aggregates

Terrazzo Aggregate Size & Color Options


TERRAZZCO® crushes and processes marble, glass, and shell chips varying in color and size. We use cone crushers, jaw crushers, and other technology to crush aggregates into the following grades:


  • #000 (Fine Fillers)
  • #00 (Micro Aggregates)
  • #0-2 (Standard Aggregates)
  • #3-5


Note: Contact us for the availability of special sizes

Quality Aggregates When You Need It


With over 50+ colors of aggregates crushed at any size, Concord Terrazzo Company delivers quality and convenience to meet your project needs.

50 pound bags of aggregates

50-Pound Bags


TERRAZZCO aggregates are processed and packaged into 50-pound bags, labeled according to the aggregate type and size. 

TERRAZZCO 50-pound aggregate bags



TERRAZZCO offers aggregates in pallets. A total of fifty 50-pound bags are shrink-wrapped per pallet and available for shipment once ordered.

Supersacks of Aggregates

Super Sack Tons


Some materials are available in super sack quantities. Each super sack weighs approximately 3,000 pounds each (1.5 tons of aggregates).


Special Orders


For large quantity orders, a TERRAZZCO representative will check availability and make arrangements for your order to be delivered.

Aggregate Blending Service

Aggregate Blending Service


Our custom blending service streamlines on-site material mixing for contractors. 

Aggregate Sale



Save on terrazzo chips for your projects. Many colors. Different sizes. Available while supplies last! 

Terrazzo Restoration Aggregates - TERRAZZCO

Restoration Aggregates


Discover aggregates to color-match your restoration projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place an order?

To place an order, please contact a representative by completing our contact form: Order Request


Please provide us with information to better assist you including:

  • Aggregate of Interest
  • Chip Size
  • Quantity
  • Place of Delivery

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes. We have a minimum order of five 50-pound bags for aggregates.

What is the typical lead time for ordering terrazzo chips?

Many of TERRAZZCO’s exclusive aggregates in standard sizes (#0, #1, #2) are available to order.


Lead times may vary depending on the order quantity and any size requirements. It is advisable to contact a Concord Terrazzo Company representative directly to get an accurate estimate of the lead time for your specific project.

Do terrazzo aggregates have different pricing tiers?

Yes, premium or specialized aggregates may have a higher price compared to standard options. Price tiers are as followed from least to most expensive:


  • Domestic Marble Chips
  • Mirror, Plate, Clear Glass
  • Mother of Pearl Chips
  • Colorful Glass Chips
  • Silver Coated Glass


It is recommended to inquire about these costs when obtaining a quote.

What is the maximum chip size available?

We want to inform you that the maximum chip size we supply is size 3-5, which is equivalent to a maximum of 3/4″. It’s important to note that not all aggregates are available within this specific size range.


To inquire about the availability of oversized materials or for more information, we kindly request you to reach out to one of our representatives.

I need help finding the right size? What can I do?

TERRAZZCO aggregates correspond to the sizes specified for the terrazzo industry. If you are having trouble finding the correct size, please refer to our chip size chart.


Generally, for epoxy terrazzo floors, it is recommended to select terrazzo chips ranging from size #0 to #2.

Contact Us For a Quick Quote


Concord Terrazzo Company is available to assist you in finding the right color and size for your project, and help you place an order.