Airport Architecture: Why Airports Specify Terrazzo Flooring

Airport Architecture: Why Airports Specify Terrazzo Flooring?

Airports are the gateway to cities. Each year over 1.32 billion people travel from one city to another, a number that has increased over the years. As a result, airports face challenges in delivering an exceptional passenger experience, however, airports are turning to architectural firms to modernize their buildings. Architects and interior designers are in the middle of a building boom for airports creating spaces that are more connected and accessible than before. We’ll take a look at how airports are addressing the needs of travelers, and why designers are specifying terrazzo flooring for their airport architecture projects.

Airport Architecture: Custom Loyalty


Airports are outdated. In the United States, the average airport is 40 years old. If you’ve traveled to an airport recently, you may have noticed changes in recent years. Airports are spending time and money to improve the customer experience. Improvements in technology, communication, and aesthetics have started to pay dividends. Because of this recent focus on the traveler experience, air travel feels more humane.

By increasing points of accessibility and enhancing visual cues, travelers can enjoy their journey to their next destinations. On their way to their flight, travelers can stop by restaurants, cafes, shops, and restrooms, all essential in making people a priority.

Terrazzo logo at Hunstville International Airport in Alabama

Airports & Terrazzo: Connecting People Through Durability and Design


When designing an airport, durability and design come into play. Architects focus on creating vast interior spaces capable of managing millions of people annually. Of the building materials trending today, architects are exploring terrazzo for use in airport construction projects.


Terrazzo Durability

Terrazzo is well known for its durability, often used in airports in the United States and the world to combat high levels of foot traffic. Due to its durability, the floors remain in great condition for decades with few repairs and damages. Its long lifecycle is valuable for airport projects helping buildings save on cost on maintenance and repairs.


Terrazzo Design

In addition to terrazzo’s durability, terrazzo is also considered in airports for its design capabilities. Connecting people with airports, terrazzo often leaves a lasting impression of the city and culture. Designers can create artwork displaying with cultural or historical significance in terminals and concourses or guide travelers in the right direction with wayfinding patterns. Terrazzo is like no other flooring when it comes to design flexibility and gives architects and interior designers full control of what they like to display in a flooring system.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Other Reasons Why Airports Specify Terrazzo Flooring



Why terrazzo all of a sudden? Terrazzo has a rich history dating back to the 15th century but has recently undergone a renaissance in construction projects.

For airport construction projects, terrazzo is specified by many architectural firms for its sustainability. With an emphasis on the use of green building materials to design healthier indoor facilities and the use of recycled materials, there’s no better choice than terrazzo.


No joints

Epoxy terrazzo covers large areas in a short amount of time. This means terrazzo contractors can install epoxy terrazzo more quickly than of other flooring systems. Other additional benefits include epoxy terrazzo’s seamless floor transitions. Wheeled suitcases and heavy equipment can move across the surface without disruption from joints and reduced noise levels.


Airports are the gateway to cities, and terrazzo can bring the most out of your airport projects.

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