Andrea Palladio: Palladiana Terrazzo

Palladiana Terrazzo
Palladiana Terrazzo

Terrazzo has a long and rich history that dates back to the 15th centruy. Since its widespread use, there are different styles of terrazzo flooring today. One of these style is palladiana terrazzo, a flooring style that resembles the Ancient Roman Opus incertum construction technique. Palladiana (Pavimento alla Veneziana) was named after Andrea Palladio, an influential Renaissance Architect who frequently used this type of style when designing his villas in Italy.

We’ll give you an overview of who Andrea Palladio was and provide further details of what is palladiana terrazzo.

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Andrea Palladio

Andrea Palladio is regarded as one of the most influential architects in Western civilization. Palladio appreciated the classic architecture from the Greeks and Romans in his early years, later establishing his own style known as Palladianism. His style of beautfifually proportional and symettrical buildings spread rapidly across Europoe and the into America with many of his styles imitated in today’s architectural structures.

Palladio is most known not only for his villa designs but his publications. Palladio published many books on architecture with The Four Books of Architecture noted as his most important piece of literature. This established architectural principles and practical advice for architects to follow in their designs. His books detail studies on decorative styles, materials, designing classical reconstructions, city planning designs, and much more.

Palladio is credited for how our 21st century homes are designed. His focus on spaciousness made homes feel like palaces. In establishing villas in Italy, Palladio created palladiana flooring, a style that is becoming a trend once again.


Palladiana Terrazzo

Palladiana flooring is a style of terrazzo flooring where installers will lay out large pieces of marble slabs over a substrate. These marble pieces range between 3/8″ to 1″ in thickness. Between the slabs, terrazzo is poured. The design resembles a mosaic finish appearing like puzzle pieces spaced out evenly over a surface. Building owners have control over the overall appearance of the floor design. They can determine the shape and size of the marble slabs, and can select a wide range of colors for their terrazzo or slabs.

Because clients love larger aggregates options, Palladiana flooring and Venetian terrazzo for cement and epoxy applications have recently seen a rise in popularity. Like an epoxy terrazzo floor, palladiana terrazzo can offer unique and stylish flooring options for places like hotels, restaurants, and retail stores.

One of the most notable projects to use palladian flooring is David Chipperfield’s Valentino stores. The style is used not only just for flooring, but for stair designs and wall designs. Pretty fascinating!

Palladiana Terrazzo
Palladiana Terrazzo Details