Antibacterial Flooring in Healthcare Architecture

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Antibacterial Flooring in Healthcare Architecture

Epoxy Terrazzo is antimicrobial, making it a sanitary flooring choice for indoor spaces. We’ll examine the importance of having antibacterial flooring surfaces in healthcare facilities.


When designing healthcare spaces, having an environment that is clean and free from bacteria is essential. Having an antibacterial surface like terrazzo prevents visitors and hospital staff from getting sick.

Understanding Bacteria

Bacteria is the most abundant microorganism on Earth. It is everywhere. According to microbiologists, there are approximately 10 times as many bacterial cells as human cells in the human body. Some bacteria are good for humans while some bacteria can lead to infectious diseases.


Scientists continue to examine how bacteria coexist in different settings. Researchers have predicted that antibiotics may one day become less useful in treating bacterial infections due to frequent and improper uses. So how can we prevent bacteria from spreading in our built environments? To reduce the risks of infections, specifying surfaces that are antibacterial is a start.

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Nonporous Surfaces

While washing our hands and disinfecting surfaces can reduce the spread of bacteria, selecting building materials that are nonporous can enhance the health and hygiene of indoor environments. Nonporous means substances like air or liquids cannot penetrate a surface.


Nonporous surfaces are widely used in locations like hospital rooms, cafeterias, and restrooms where sanitation is a top priority.

Terrazzo for Healthcare Facilities

For example, terrazzo is a nonporous surface. It’s a smooth surface material absent of grout joints, a place where bacteria is commonly found. Epoxy terrazzo contains zero VOCs that improve the overall indoor air quality of the healthcare space. The terrazzo floor also prevents water and chemicals from sinking into the floor and staining it.


Bacteria stands no chance of spreading with a nonporous surface. Due to its smooth seamless surface, terrazzo is easily cleaned with a daily dust mopping or weekly damp mopping routine, using clean water or neutral cleaners.


While terrazzo addresses the health impacts of healthcare facilities, it can also address the need for aesthetics. Epoxy terrazzo offers the ability to create any floor design using a wide range of colors and aggregates. It is a floor built to last, built to impress, and built to improve the health of building and building occupants.


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