Before and After Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

Before and After Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

Before and After Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring


Concord Terrazzo Company supplies a selection of epoxy resin products for flooring contractors to install an epoxy terrazzo system. Precast terrazzo and resinous epoxy terrazzo floors are manufactured with a 100% solids two-part epoxy as the binder material. We then incorporate marble, glass, mother of pearl, and granite aggregates into the custom mix per designer specifications. The TERRAZZCO® Brand epoxy matrix is VOC-free and complies with all USGBC & LEED criteria for “Low Emitting Materials.” Our epoxy is also manufactured utilizing rapidly renewable resources. The epoxy can have a tint of any color, giving the designer the ultimate design flexibility as well as being a contributing factor in satisfying LEED point criteria.


Today epoxy terrazzo has become a popular material for architects and designers to use in their commercial projects. Furthermore, terrazzo floor installers have poured seamless terrazzo at schools, hospitals, restaurants, and transportation centers among commercial properties. In the era of green building, it is essential to choose materials that better our environments and our communities.


Here are a few before and after epoxy terrazzo flooring photos during the construction process:

Before and After Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring Photos

Shotblasting Terrazzo

With commercial buildings turning to epoxy terrazzo flooring as a durable and low maintenance flooring system, general contractors can hire a terrazzo to perform a professional installation. Epoxy terrazzo can be poured over many solid substrates, saving costs on demolistion, or an existing flooring surface may be removed and replaced with epoxy terrazzo.


During the early stages of a terrazzo floor installation, a flooring contractor will shot blast the floor. Shotblasting refers to leveling and preparing a concrete substrate for the pouring of terrazzo. This process removes any glues and residue from existing floor coverings, and ensures a strong bond between the terrazzo and the concrete. An epoxy terrazzo floor has a quick pour to grind time, so a contractor can turnaround a flooring project in a few days.

Before and After Epoxy Terrazzo

University of Virginia – Lee Street (left – shotblasted area; right – finished terrazzo floor)

Terrazzo Floor Layout

One of the great things about an epoxy terrazzo floor is that any geometric design or artwork can be created by a professional terrazzo installer.


Epoxy terrazzo lends architects with great design flexibility. All a flooring contractor has to do is place divider strips per design specifications over the underlying concrete substrate. Once the divider strips are secured, the flooring contractor may begin pouring terrazzo, troweling the material at 3/8″ thickness between each section of the floor layout. Divider strips work to control cracking but also indicate color changes in the terrazzo floor design. Here you can see how a terrazzo floor looks during its floor layout phase versus the finished results.

Before and After Epoxy Terrazzo

SW TN COMM. College Nursing (left – terrazzo design layout; right – finished terrazzo floor)

Grinding and Polishing Epoxy Terrazzo

Terrazzo once poured, cures overnight and can be grinded the following day.


Reaching the conclusion of the terrazzo installation process, a flooring contractor will take electric grinders to move across the cured floor. This stage starts revealing much of the terrazzo’s design, creating a smoother finish with aggregates display on the terrazzo topping. It is when the flooring contractor polishes the terrazzo floor after the grinding stage when the terrazzo floor shows its exceptional beauty. Once polished and sealed, an epoxy terrazzo floor can last the lifetime of the building structure. And it only takes a few days to complete.

Before and After Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring

McDowell County High School (left – after flooring grinded; right – polished terrazzo floor)

Concord Terrazzo Company supplies aggregates, manufactures precast terrazzo products and produces epoxy resins. Like more information about our epoxy resin products? Then contact Concord Terrazzo Company today at


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