Brown Terrazzo: Warm and Inviting Flooring Ideas

Brown Terrazzo

Brown Terrazzo: Warm and Inviting Flooring Ideas

Terrazzo is ideal for high-traffic areas due to its durability and low maintenance. It comprises of aggregates mixed in either a epoxy or cement binder. Today terrazzo can be designed in many different styles. In this blog post, explore how brown terrazzo can create a warm, welcoming, and calming space.

Brown Terrazzo

Brown is a popular choice for flooring, even with terrazzo floors. With terrazzo, there are different color combinations to explore. Aggregates also provide options to add color to the overall design with options including brown marble chips, pebbles, and brown glass available.

Terrazzo can be applied to different applications including floors, walls, countertops and stairs. The color brown can add the type of depth and richness that a space needs.

Brown Terrazzo

Brown terrazzo floors are common in locations such as municipal buildings. Terrazzo has been the go-to choice for commercial buildings based on its durability and versatility. Terrazzo exceeds the lifecycle of many traditional flooring systems, and is cost-effective for building owners.

Here are some tips to include brown terrazzo flooring for a commercial building:

  1. Select the overall design: Brown terrazzo flooring works well along or complements other colors. Whether considering a traditional or modern floor style, brown terrazzo has aesthetic appeal. Epoxy terrazzo can be tinted to virtually any color; therefore, its easy to find any shade of brown to use for the floor design.
  2. Great for patterns: Terrazzo is a highly decorative floor design. It can incorporate logos and seals, or form wayfinding cues. Combine brown terrazzo with several other colors and it can create an attractive focal point of any building space.
  3. Brown is an attractive color: Terrazzo receives positive reviews for its overall aesthetics. Epoxy terrazzo is often polished and sealed, which gives the floor a a nice sheen. With proper care, terrazzo floors remain in great condition through the lifetime of a building.
Monochrome Terrazzo 1127 Light Mahogany
Monochrome Terrazzo 1211 Driftwood
Standard Terrazzo 03- Brown Gray Terrazzo
Standard Terrazzo 02- Brown Terrazzo
Brown Terrazzo S4011
Brown Terrazzo S4008
Brown Terrazzo TZ-6
Brown Terrazzo TZ-3

The benefits of terrazzo flooring

For generations, terrazzo has been used in commercial buildings for a variety of reasons. It’s gained popularity in recent years due to its impact on the environment and cost-effectiveness. For building owners seeking a longterm flooring solution, terrazzo is regarded as an excellent choice as it is durable and easy to clean.

Concord Terrazzo Company is a terrazzo manufacturer and supplier located in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are a trusted supplier delivering epoxy resins, aggregates and precast terrazzo to projects in the United States. One of the company’s charter is to produce high-quality and sustainable materials for consumers. Taking into account how materials can greatly impact the environment, Concord Terrazzo Company researches and develops healthy building materials. For example, TERRAZZCO’s Green Terrazzo system consists of epoxy resins that contain zero volatile organic compounds and is made with no Red List ingredients. As a result, this has a positive impact on the environment and the health of building occupants.

Brown Terrazzo
Brown Terrazzo
Brown Terrazzo


Brown terrazzo can create a unique and inviting space that will stand the test of time. Concord Terrazzo Company representatives are available to discuss your project. Need samples? TERRAZZCO terrazzo samples are available for the architectural and design community. Find any design online or request a custom design. Get started today!