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Concord Terrazzo Company Inc., is a single-source supplier of terrazzo materials, manufacturing Groutless EZPour Epoxy 158, a highly durable and decorative epoxy terrazzo flooring system.  We offer a full line of epoxy resin products to help you install an epoxy terrazzo floor. Contact a representative to buy epoxy resin for terrazzo floors.


Together our complete epoxy terrazzo system helps installers work faster and easier with greener results.

Faster Results

Decrease the wait. Start walking on these floors the same day it is poured.

Easy to Use

Our two-component epoxy resin system is user-friendly with a 5:1 mixing ratio and is easy to clean up afterward. Our products trowel nicely with fewer pinholes after cure.

Green Impact

Install durable and beautiful floors that have a long-lasting impact on the environment. Zero VOCs that benefit our environment and our health.

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TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158 Terrazzo Product

Groutless™ EZPour Epoxy 158


A pigmented, 100% solid (VOC free), two-component epoxy resin system, yielding a highly decorative and durable terrazzo flooring system.


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TERRAZZCO Flexible Membrane 528

Floor Aid Flexible Membrane


A two-component epoxy system designed to assist in the prevention of substrate cracks in an epoxy terrazzo floor.


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TERRAZZCO Moisture Mitigation System 950

Moisture Mitigation System


A two-component epoxy resin system providing a barrier against moisture vapor mitigation of concrete.


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TERRAZZCO Leveling Fill Epoxy 162

Leveling Fill Epoxy


TERRAZZCO Leveling Fill Epoxy is a two-component epoxy resin system applied by trowel to the desired thickness.


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TERRAZZCO Joint Filler 1200

Flexa-Flex Joint Filler


A two-component flexible epoxy joint filler that absorbs the impact and shock of heavy loads while sealing joints encountered in terrazzo.


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TERRAZZCO Bonding Agent 159

Bonding Agent


TERRAZZCO Bonding Agent is designed to promote adhesion between concrete and cement-based terrazzo flooring.


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George Mason University Epoxy Resin

Invest in the Most Cost-Effective Flooring System



When you buy TERRAZZCO Brand Epoxy Resin, you are investing in a flooring system that produces durable, beautiful and sustainable results. Don’t risk losing money on a flooring system that requires repairs and replacements. Choose a dependable flooring system that helps you save time installing the product while saving you on overall costs. Buy epoxy resin today!

Why Customers Love TERRAZZCO

“We would like to thank Concord Terrazzo Company for supplying TERRAZZCO® Brand Products that were used at Goldsboro High School. This American made, high-quality resin system looks great on the floors and shows pride in what they do. It was very important for us to have all work performed as scheduled and it was accomplished due to all materials coming from one central source.”


– David Thompson, President

Primus Contracting, Inc.

“Your firm provided a superior product for our Talley Student Union Center. The new grand atrium, corridors, and Stewart Theater pre-function spaces are quite simply University showplaces. You and your team did an excellent job of coordinating.”




– Charles R Marshall, P.E.

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CLT Airport
Universal Studios
Walt Disney World
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