Choosing the Best Flooring System for Your Commercial Property

Choosing the Best Flooring for Your Commercial Property

When designing a commercial property, there are many flooring systems to consider. While flooring might not be top of mind when establishing the grounds for a new building space, it is important. Attributes such as durability and ease of maintenance can factor into the lifespan and cost-effectiveness of a flooring system. To help you in finding the right flooring system for your commercial space, here are 4 things to consider.

Use of the Space

In buildings, spaces are used differently. When selecting a flooring system, consider the durability of the material especially when the space encounters heavy foot traffic.


Finding a durable flooring system is ideal for high-traffic areas. Flooring systems typically undergo wear and tear over the years, eventually needing repairs and replacements. But a durable system is an investment worth looking into. It can help building owners save on replacement costs, and the time needed to install new flooring.


Also consider the safety of the building occupants. Some durable floors are antislip, and are ideal in places like restaurants, movie theaters, and hospitals where slips are common. Soft materials may work better for certain age groups like toddlers or the elderly, and while they support safe environments they are also more likely to tear.

Flooring Design

Consider how your space will look like. There are a variety of flooring options a building owner can review. Hardwood, carpet, and vinyl tile are some of the common choices, but commercial properties can also look into terrazzo, epoxy, and polished concrete as suitable options. Each flooring option has its own customization options to explore.

Maintenance Costs and Requirements

When selecting a flooring system for a commercial property, consider the maintenance requirements. How much time is required to clean the floor? And how much will it cost to maintain it annually? Are you worried about stains? By answering these questions, you can access what type of flooring system to select.


The upkeep of flooring can be an expenditure that you least expect. For example, carpet needs to be vacuumed occasionally, and repaired if damaged. Hard surfaces may need buffing to rid of stains.


Factor in the maintenance to know the real cost of the flooring system. Some floors are more affordable initially, but end up costing more than floors that have a higher price per square footage. There are plenty of flooring options that can significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Budget Costs

The amount of money that a property can spend also determines the types of flooring materials that will be selected. Durable flooring systems with high initial costs can actually be the most cost-effective flooring choice over the lifespan of the commercial property when maintenance costs are factored into the lifecycle costs.


It’s important to consider the durability, design, and maintenance of a flooring system, but equally important to align cost with quality that meets a property’s needs.

Commercial Building with Terrazzo Flooring

Introduction to Epoxy Terrazzo

Now that we’ve discussed the considerations of selecting the right flooring system for your commercial property, we’ll introduce the flooring system that we know about the most.


Terrazzo is a flooring material that is a combination of marble, granite, glass, or other decorative aggregates mixed in either a cement or epoxy binder. Epoxy terrazzo is a modern-day style of terrazzo that has emerged as a favorite among architects for its durability, design flexibility, and sustainability.

Why Epoxy Terrazzo is the Best Floor for Your Commercial Property?

Epoxy terrazzo has the lowest maintenance requirements of any commercial flooring system. Terrazzo is an appealing flooring option that you can find in places like schools, hospitals, corporate offices, municipal buildings, and hotels.


Epoxy terrazzo checks off all the needs for commercial spaces:


  • Terrazzo can be installed in all areas of a building from the lobby to hallways to even restrooms. It is built to last; therefore, is highly recommended for high traffic spots. Evidence shows that cement terrazzo floors still exist after 100 years in old churches, museums, and residences. Epoxy is thinner yet more durable and is less susceptible to cracking.
  • No other floor compares to epoxy terrazzo when it comes to design flexibility. Terrazzo is a polished surface that consists of any variety of aggregates in virtually any resin color. Logos and artwork can be added to enhance the aesthetics of the floor design. In addition to adding a terrazzo floor to your commercial property, terrazzo can be custom-made to form stair treads, wall base, countertops, and other products that add function and beauty to the building.
  • As mentioned before, terrazzo has the lowest maintenance costs. When considering lifecycle costs, terrazzo tops the list as the most cost-effective flooring system for commercial properties. It’s easy to clean too!. Epoxy terrazzo has no seams where bacteria and dirt typically build up. This seamless style makes it easy for anyone to take a dry or damp mop to go over the surface, removing dirt in the process. Epoxy terrazzo is sealed with a water-based product, which helps protect the floor for years. Annual resealing is recommended to keep the floors looking as good as new. Proper maintenance is key to having a terrazzo floor that will last the lifetime of the building structure.
  • When it comes down to selecting a flooring system for your commercial space, think of the long-term goals. When factoring in durability, design flexibility, and other benefits, epoxy terrazzo is the right solution for most buildings with high pedestrian traffic. You get a long-lasting floor the will cause fewer headaches for you in the future because terrazzo floors rarely need repairs. It is true that epoxy terrazzo costs more initially than traditional flooring systems. This is because professional installation is required. Due to the few skilled contractors in this trade, it reflects in the initial costs. But ask yourself, would you rather pay a higher cost upfront with a better return on investment decades later, or select a less expensive flooring system that ends up costing you more to repair or replace.
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