Colorful Terrazzo Floors You Need to See to Believe

Colorful Terrazzo Floors You Need to See to Believe

Colorful Terrazzo Floors You Need to See to Believe

Epoxy terrazzo has become a growing trend in commercial buildings in recent years. The limitless color options offers architects and designers the option to create a custom and unique floor. This feature on top of terrazzo’s durability and low maintenance makes it a great flooring solution. Let’s walk you through some colorful terrazzo floors that may inspire you to work with epoxy terrazzo in the future.

Infinite Design Opportunities

We’re not kidding when we say that epoxy terrazzo offers you an endless array of colors to work with. Designers can select one or two colors for their project for a classic terrazzo style, or explore multiple color options if they like. Epoxy terrazzo is a great indoor flooring solution that can be installed nearly everywhere.

Think of a hotel or hospital lobby. What better way to greet visitors than with a floor that catches their eye. We present two projects that use terrazzo in the lobby area to welcome and engage people.

Hotel Lobby - Terrazzo Floor

Terrazzo is limited to your imagination. This boutique hotel created a beautiful lobby space with epoxy terrazzo floors that resembles the local Florida beaches. The floor depicts the land and the sea using 5 epoxy resin color. This terrazzo floor design is memorable and helps establish a comforting feeling for anyone looking for a relaxed stay.

Colorful Terrazzo Floor

The terrazzo floor design installed in the lobby of this library celebrates the Alafia River, a river located in Florida. With a focus on sustainability and design, terrazzo was the right choice to create a space to welcome locals to come and enjoy the library.

Easy to achieve the look you want

Epoxy terrazzo installations are quick and easy to install by a terrazzo contractor. Once the concrete floor is prepared, the epoxy resin and aggregates are mixed together and poured over the top of the concrete. Once cured, the terrazzo floor is ground to a smooth surface and polished. It takes only a few days to complete!

Now if you do have an intricate terrazzo design, a terrazzo contractor will use divider strips to indicate where the colors do change. The divider strips can be bent on the construction site to create different kinds of geometric and artistic floor designs. Here you will notice examples of how the divider strips are used to craft beautiful terrazzo designs.

Colorful Terrazzo Floor

A 50,000-square-foot nightclub and entertainment venue went all out to create one of the most memorable attractions in Orlando, FL. The owner planned to create one of the most intricate terrazzo designs known. The epoxy terrazzo floor uses many different colors and images to go along with the theme of the building for people to come and fall in love with the food and entertainment. Divider strips indicate color changes. Here you will notice that the terrazzo flows endlessly into different rooms, using different color schemes for each areas.

Colorful Terrazzo Floor in School Residence hall

This 600-bed freshman residence hall has a modern and spacious lobby. The terrazzo floors align with the university’s colors and create a welcoming and comforting environment for students to live in. The divider strips are used to create a circular design pattern surrounding the reception desk. Terrazzo can draw attention to an area or lead people throughout a building with wayfinding cues.

Customize Terrazzo by Intregating Logos

Terrazzo is one of the few flooring systems that can accurately replicate any business logo or artwork for that matter. Sometimes the logo is the highlight of the entire terrazzo floor. Logos are great for places of business, schools and sports stadium that seek to increase awareness for their brand or form memorable experiences with an attractive floor.

Did you know it’s incredibly easy to add a logo to your terrazzo floor? Today’s technologies make it possible. Waterjet machines can cut any material using a high pressured stream of water. By uploading a design file, it can accurately cut each piece of your terrazzo design. Once completed, the logo template is delivered to the job site where a terrazzo installer can easily fill in the design with epoxy terrazzo.

Here we present some terrazzo logos that were cut using a waterjet and later installed by a terrazzo contractor.

School Logo Made out of Epoxy Terrazzo

Logos come in all shapes and sizes. For this high school, the terrazzo logo takes up the entire entrance lobby. Concord Terrazzo Company used a waterjet to cut the design elements of the logo precisely. These pieces are then sent to the job site for contractors to pour terrazzo in place. Today’s technologies make it easy for designers to bring their ideas to life. As a result, anything is possible with epoxy terrazzo.

Dogwood Terrazzo Logo

For this project, the City of Greensboro office included tile flooring with a terrazzo logo feature. The logo features an image of Dogwood, the state flower of North Carolina. The design acts as a focal point of the lobby.

Concord Terrazzo Company offers prefabricated terrazzo logo designs, which are made offsite and delivered to the project for easy installation. This can be paired with other flooring systems besides epoxy terrazzo.

Colorful Terrazzo is Great for Kids

Not all terrazzo floors have to be colorful. It’s ok for architects to have a timeless white terrazzo floor for their buildings. But consider the building’s occupants. Will there be kids involved?

As a child, we were drawn to colors and playful images. Epoxy terrazzo builds that engaging environment for children with a wide range of color and patterns. It adds a nice touch for buildings. Studies have even shown that design can help children connect with a building, making them feel calm or interact with the floor. Elementary schools and children’s hospitals do a great job at using terrazzo with a goal in mind. Maybe your building can too.

Here we present two kid-friendly colorful terrazzo floors.

Logos come in all shapes and sizes. For this high school, the terrazzo logo takes up the entire entrance lobby. Using a watejet machine, Concord Terrazzo Company cut each design element precisely. You can see how detailed the images are when installed with the terrazzo floor. The waterjet allows designers to really bring their ideas to life. As a result, anything is possible with epoxy terrazzo.

Ft. Myers Beach Library - Custom Terrazzo Floor

This children’s library encourages play. Located near the Florida shores, the terrazzo floor embeds images of sea creatures and ocean imagery to create a stylish floor kids will love. Designing spaces for kids is more than just about creating a beautiful space. This space is also designed to be healthy for children, using zero VOC epoxy resins and materials in the terrazzo floor.

Sewee Academy Terrazzo Floors

Classroom designs can positively affect student grades, self-esteem, and sense of belonging. Terrazzo floors can help address these needs. At this school, a design displays a tree with growing acorns, which symbolizes a student’s potential as they move through each grade level. Children in elementary schools are lured by bright and warm colors. So when considering designing a terrazzo floor for a younger demographic, consider what colors work best.

About Concord Terrazzo Company

Concord Terrazzo is the manufacturer of TERRAZZCO Brand Products. We are a single-source terrazzo company supplying materials and products such as epoxy resins, precast terrazzo, and aggregates to projects throughout the United States. Our signature product, TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158, is formulated to yield highly durable and decorative terrazzo floors, countertops, stairs, and more.

TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158 can be tinted to virtually any color. You can use our products to craft a colorful terrazzo floor. In addition to our products, we offer services to help you achieve the terrazzo design you want to create. Our services include:

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