Custom Sample Development

Step 1:

Find A Color

Color Matching

Epoxy terrazzo can be tinted to virtually any color. We’ll match the resin to any color deck.

Step 2:

Select Aggregates


Determine the aggregate’s colors and sizes. A representative can assist in suggesting aggregate ratios.

Step 3:

Custom Made for You

Custom Samples

Terrazzo samples are made in 6″x6″ format at 3/8″, the standard thickness for epoxy terrazzo systems.

Color Matching for Any Project

As a leading terrazzo manufacturer, we understand the importance of creating seamless terrazzo flooring that matches your desired design scheme. Concord Terrazzo Company offers a color-matching service that allows customers to find the right colors for their terrazzo floors.


Our color-matching service is perfect for school design schemes, logos, and artistic floor designs.


Concord Terrazzo Company closely matches TERRAZZCO epoxy resin to any pantone colors and color decks. Architects and designers can provide us with colors from any leading paint manufacturer’s swatch book along with a list of aggregate colors.

Color Matching Terrazzo
Terrazzo Samples

Developing Mix Designs for Samples


The key components in developing a terrazzo sample include:

  • Matrix Color
  • Aggregate Color & Size
  • Polish Level (Grit)
  • Sealer


The terrazzo color is combined with aggregates to form a mix design. The process includes selecting materials and determining their relative proportions.


With the colors and aggregates determined, the next step is to put it all together. This mix design involves adding aggregate ratios to total 100%.


This is a fully customizable process. An architect or designer may select only one aggregate or combine multiple aggregates for their mix design. Custom terrazzo samples create an opportunity for architects and designers to produce a distinct outcome for every project.

Example: Custom Mix Design


Matrix Color: Orange
Polish Level: 200

Aggregate Size Percentage
Plate Glass Size #0 20%
Plate Glass Size #1 40%
Single Side Mirror Size #0 10%
Northern White Size #1 30%
Custom Orange Terrazzo
Custom Terrazzo Samples

Design a Custom Sample


To start designing a custom terrazzo sample, please contact Concord Terrazzo Company. We’ll be glad to assist you in the design process and answer any questions.


  • Terrazzo samples are made to order.
  • Lead times for sample request take approximately two weeks.
  • Terrazzo samples are made in 6”x6” format and 3/8” thick, the standard thickness for poured-in-place epoxy terrazzo systems.
  • Concord Terrazzo Company will ship custom samples to a delivery address for evaluation. Additional samples may be requested to adjust the design.