Dealing with Water Damages in Floors

Dealing with Water Damages in Floors

Terrazzo: An Excellent Solution to Prevent Water Damage To Floors


Floors can last a long time, but unfortunately, accidents do occur. Among all the floor issues, water damages can be the most costly.  As a result of flooding, plumbing leaks, and overflowing tubs, water can find its way beneath the floor. Water damage is no joke.


Here are signs that your floor may be experiencing water damages:


  • Dark spots. Dark spots are an indication that mold or mildew is present.
  • Discoloration. Does the color of the floor look different than its original state? It is possible that chemicals have altered the floor’s appearance.
  • Smell. Nobody likes the funky smell of a room. An odor is a sign that moisture has built up from underground.
  • Cracks. Water can deteriorate a floor, causing the floor to separate and break into pieces.
  • Texture. Water damage can create a difference in how the floor feels. Maybe a smooth surface feels more rugged than before. Water can expand and contract depending on the room temperature, causing the floor to take on a different form.


Water damages caused by floods, sewage, or any other contaminated fluid source will create the most problems. The water is simply dirty. Filled with chemical residues, bacteria and viruses can spread throughout the foundation of the floors, elevating health risks in the process. Therefore, it is important to clean a spill immediately.


Carpet, tile, and hardwood flooring all face this issue. However, there is one type of flooring option that can resist water damages. Let us introduce terrazzo.

What is Terrazzo?


Terrazzo, according to Oxford Dictionaries, is a flooring material consisting of chips of marble or granite set in concrete and polished to give a smooth surface. Dating back to the early 15th century, terrazzo can have transcended over the ages to become the premier flooring solution for both commercial and residential buildings.


Terrazzo has many great features including its customization and durability. But did you know that Terrazzo can withstand water damages? With proper installation, water will never have a chance of creeping into your floors, which gives terrazzo an advantage over carpettile, and hardwood floors. Terrazzo also resists bacterial contamination, which is ideal for locations such as hospitals and schools. While terrazzo has great value, terrazzo is remarkable because the floor is easy to maintain. All you need is warm water and a mop to clean the floor.


Who can benefit from terrazzo flooring? Honestly, everyone can, especially if you have a kitchen or restroom that is vulnerable to leakage. What makes terrazzo so great is that the floor can be installed not only from the inside but also the outside of a building.


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