Choosing an Epoxy Manufacturer for Terrazzo

Choosing an Epoxy Manufacturer for Terrazzo

Choosing an Epoxy Manufacturer for Terrazzo


Selecting materials for your terrazzo floors can be challenging. For one, there are many different terrazzo flooring systems to choose from ranging from the cementitious types to the epoxy options. Epoxy terrazzo is on the rise in construction projects due to its long-lasting durability, design flexibility and sustainable features, so in this blog we will discuss what you need to know in selecting an epoxy manufacturer for terrazzo floors.

Professional Installation + Quality Epoxy = Perfect Match

Installing a terrazzo floor can be quite complex; therefore, the NTMA recommends that only qualified contractors install the product at construction sites.


Installers want to use an epoxy resin that gets the job done right every time. They will typically prefer to use an epoxy resin that is easy to install, reliable, and is priced fairly.


When selecting an epoxy resin for a terrazzo floor, many manufacturers will have clear-cut instructions on how to properly install their products. Have an epoxy manufacturer prepare flooring instructions before it’s time to install.

Groutless EZPour Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Manufacturer Knowledge

When searching for products to build your terrazzo floors, a technical representative or sales representative are resourceful in helping you understand the material. Try asking a series of questions that help you conclude whether the product is right for your project. Here are some questions you can ask a manufacturer:


  • Ask the manufacturer about the different epoxy products they offer and how they can fit your project needs.



  • Ask the representative about the advantages and limitations for each product. Where can it be installed and where can it not be installed?



  • To get a better understanding of what epoxy is, ask the representative how epoxy terrazzo differs from traditional terrazzo systems. Find out more about the lifespan of the flooring system, the overall cost for materials and installation, and the design and recycled options.



  • Ask the manufacturer for a recommended list of installers in your area.



  • Find out how to buy materials from the manufacturer. Do they sell direct to the consumer? Do they have distributors worldwide?

Epoxy Manufacturer Experience

Working with an experienced manufacturer can help you deliver the best results for your project. You would likely want a company that is available to answer your questions before, during and after the terrazzo floor has been installed. Look for online testimonials to see what general contractors and architects have to say about the working relationship and product quality. This can increase your confidence in how the product will perform over time. Also, look at a company’s portfolio and see if the outcome of their projects is what you expect your project to look like. Epoxy terrazzo has limitless design; however, those detailed shots of the terrazzo floor can help you visualize the end results.

Groutless EZPour Epoxy 158
Campbell University - Terrazzo Floors
Marble Aggregate in Terrazzo Floors

Choosing a Sustainable Epoxy Resin

Epoxy terrazzo is widely used across sustainable building projects because of its recycled content and zero VOCs. Over the years terrazzo manufacturers like TERRAZZCO have developed and tested their products to contain VOC-free contents.


An epoxy resin that contains zero VOCs improves the overall indoor air quality of buildings. VOCs emit gases that can cause adverse effects to humans. Breathing in VOCs can irritate the eyes, nose and throat, and is linked to long-term health effects including cancer. So how do you know which epoxy resins contain zero VOCs?


Due to its natural composition, terrazzo contains zero volatile organic compounds. Labels such as Greenguard Certification and Greenguard Gold Certification are third-party certifications that indicate that a product has been analyzed to have low chemical emissions. Epoxy resins with Greenguard certification are green products that help architects and contractors achieve LEED credits for Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Innovation and Design.

Sustainability Certified

Order Samples from Epoxy Manufacturers

There are several terrazzo manufacturers producing their own epoxy resin products. One of the best ways to compare products is to request samples.


Samples are a great way to evaluate the product and test out customized designs. Once a terrazzo floor has been installed, it becomes a floor for life; therefore, finding the right materials for your design is an important process in the planning out a terrazzo floor.

Terrazzo Sample Design

About Concord Terrazzo Company

Concord Terrazzo Company is a single-source terrazzo company based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. We manufacturer and distribute aggregates, epoxy resins, and precast terrazzo products for contractors to use in terrazzo projects in the United States and around the world.


Concord Terrazzo Company manufactures TERRAZZCO epoxy resins. Our complete epoxy terrazzo system features our signature EZPour Epoxy 158, a highly decorative and durable terrazzo flooring system. It has been formulated to include more resin content than other brands, making it easier to install and last longer in today’s institutional, commercial and industrial buildings. Among other TERRAZZCO epoxy resin products, we manufacture flexible membranes, moisture mitigation systems, joint fillers, self-leveling epoxy, and bonding adhesives. To learn more about our epoxy resin products, contact a Concord Terrazzo representative at


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