fiberglass mesh

TERRAZZCO Fiberglass Mesh

Enhances the performance of epoxy terrazzo flooring


TERRAZZCO® Fiberglass Mesh is a non-adhesive, alkaline-resisting fiberglass mesh roll. When embedded into an epoxy terrazzo resin system, it effectively conceals joints, cracks, holes and unifies surfaces.

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3-Part Guide Specification for Thin-Set Epoxy Terrazzo #096623 (PDF)
3-Part Guide Specification for Thin-Set Epoxy Terrazzo #096623 (MS Word Doc)
Product Data – Fiberglass Mesh
TERRAZZCO Architectural Binder

Typical Uses of Fiberglass Mesh

TERRAZZCO® Fiberglass Mesh is embedded into an epoxy flexible membrane (TERRAZZCO® Floor Aid Flexible Membrane 528) to enhance the performance of the terrazzo resin system.

Product Considerations

Embed fiberglass mesh into the wet membrane, covering the crack on either sides by a minimum of 6 inches. Once the membrane has cured, you can proceed with the installation.

Advantages of Fiberglass Mesh

  • Lightweight rolls with large surface coverage
  • Non-rusting and alkali-resistant
  • Can be applied in any direction and wrapped to conform to shaped features
  • Easily cut to size with no sharp edges

Product Specifications
Packaging Single Roll
Color White
Roll Size
  • 9.5” x150’ (0.24 x 45.72 m)
  • 18” x 150’ (0.45 x 14.72 m)
  • 38” x 150’ (0.97 x 45.72 m)
Roll Weight
  • 9.5” x150’: 3.85 lbs (1.75 kg)
  • 18” x 150’: 5.00 lbs (2.27 kg)
  • 38” x 150’: 14.5 lbs (6.58 kg)
Lath Weight 3.7 oz/yd2 (125g/m2)
Tensile Strength
  • Warp: 160 lbs/in2 (11.2 kg/cm2)
  • Weft: 183 lbs/in2 (12.9 kg/cm2)
Finish Alkali Resistant
Fiberglass Mesh Application
Fiberglass Mesh

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