Terrazzo Flooring For High Traffic Areas


Durability is always a consideration when selecting a flooring material. Most traditional flooring systems cannot take the abuse of constant traffic; however, epoxy terrazzo is the ideal flooring solution for high traffic buildings.


Airports. Universities. Hospitals. They all share one thing in common – constant continuous foot traffic daily. Repeated traffic will cause some flooring types to crack, break, or loosen over time. On the other hand, epoxy terrazzo floors are one of the most durable flooring systems for commercial buildings with high compressive and tensile strengths able to withstand high traffic volumes and heavy impacts.

Terrazzo Floor CLT Airport

Epoxy terrazzo can help building facilities in various ways:


  • Keeps your floor in excellent condition despite heavy use


  • Save money and time in repairing or replacing a flooring system later in flooring lifecycle


  • Minimize interruptions of business for floor maintenance



Epoxy terrazzo is best suited for projects that require thousands of square feet covered. The more space a building has for epoxy terrazzo, the cost per-square-feet of terrazzo decreases. Despite its high initial costs, terrazzo is the most cost-effective flooring system available over a 40-year lifespan. Because terrazzo is durable and low maintenance, there are few repairs and replacements over the flooring lifecycle saving building owners on overall flooring costs.

TERRAZZO Flooring Pricing Chart
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