Flooring Showdown: Terrazzo versus Carpet

Flooring Showdown - Terrazzo vs Carpet

Flooring Showdown: Terrazzo versus Carpet


Terrazzo has been dominant in recent weeks, taking on all challengers. Defeating hardwood, laminate, and tile so far, Terrazzo could possibly go down as the greatest flooring option of all time.  In the most anticipated match of the year, a classic opponent is confident of claiming the title of best flooring option.  It’s time for another:

Flooring Showdown

Terrazzo vs Carpet


Carpet has been a  fan favorite for years. Today carpet steps up to battle terrazzo for bragging rights.


Although terrazzo is a lesser-known flooring option, it has built a reputation over the years as one of the best flooring options seeing a renaissance in modern times. On the other hand, carpet has a chance to upset terrazzo. Carpet is a common flooring option, especially in homes. The warm and textured feel gives carpet its advantage over terrazzo. However, terrazzo packs on more punch with its own features. Before we get this matchup started, let’s take a look at the tale of the tape.

Comparing Carpet to Terrazzo

When comparing carpet to Terrazzo, carpet just cannot compete. Let’s take a closer examination of the two flooring materials.


What is Terrazzo Flooring?

Terrazzo consists of marble, glass, or shell chips bound to either a cement or epoxy matrix. Known for its durability, terrazzo is often seen in high-traffic spots like airports, schools, and transportation systems. In recent times terrazzo is trending among the architectural and design community with its incredible floor, countertop, and wall designs.

Durable Terrazzo Flooring

Cost of Materials and Installation for Carpet and Terrazzo

On a price scale, carpet has a lower initial cost than terrazzo flooring. It is much easier to install as well. For years carpet is highly invested in mainly for its warmth and homely feel.  Terrazzo, on the other hand, may have a higher upfront cost, but it works wonders over the years. 70 years from now the terrazzo will look in great condition mainly because it is rare to damage the surface. Over time terrazzo has the lowest lifecycle costs of any flooring material.

The Durability of Carpet and Terrazzo

Terrazzo is built to last. It’s a great option that is fire, scratch, and stain-resistant. Carpets can snag and tear leading to frequent replacements during the floor’s lifecycle. Not to mention that stains, water, and fire bring about more headaches and more money out of your pocket.

Campbell-University-Terrazzo Floor

Ease of Maintenance

Carpet requires more maintenance than a terrazzo flooring system. With carpet, there is a need to vacuum frequently to remove dirt and dust particles. The presence of such particles can cause allergies if not addressed properly. Caring for terrazzo is much simpler. All one needs is a mop, clean water, and neutral cleaner to clean a terrazzo floor.

In overview, there are plenty of reasons why terrazzo is the go-to selection of carpet. Imagine these scenarios.

  • Electrical fires can burn a carpet to a crisp.
  • You have people over, but have to stop to clean a spill.
  • Maybe you have a dog but the carpet becomes its chew toy.
  • Or maybe a water leak leaves your carpet soaked leading to mold and mildew problems later in the lifecycle.


All these scenarios seem horrible, adding to the unnecessary stress in one’s life. The bottom line is many things could happen to a carpet within a lifetime and we all don’t want to spend the time and money to keep repairing a floor. The good news is there are better options.


Why Terrazzo? Just like carpet, Terrazzo gives you an unlimited color selection and design possibilities. Terrazzo is so much more customizable than carpet is. Think of an image in your mind and terrazzo installers can bring it to life. Terrazzo goes beyond exceptions, but the feature that makes terrazzo an excellent choice in flooring is its durability. Who knows how many times carpet needs to be replaced in a lifetime? Terrazzo lasts an average lifespan of 75 years. With proper care, a Terrazzo floor in 75 years can look as good as new.


Terrazzo versus Carpet. Who wins? In what seems to be a sure knockout, terrazzo overcomes another tough competitor. Carpet, the flashy competitor, faces defeat at the hands of Terrazzo. With an undefeated streak so far, can anybody dethrone terrazzo as the best flooring option? Time will tell.