Flooring Showdown: Terrazzo versus Laminate

Flooring Showdown: Terrazzo vs Laminate

Terrazzo Versus Laminate

Time for another edition of 

Flooring Showdown

Last time, hardwoods took on terrazzo and just barely came up short.


This month, jumping into the ring we have terrazzo defending against laminate.


Terrazzo versus laminate. Both contenders are pretty solid (pun intended) so I’m here to give you the pros and cons of each to make YOUR flooring decisions easier!

Floor Comparison Terrazzo vs Laminate

So which flooring option may be best for you? Let’s explore more.


What is Terrazzo Flooring?

If you don’t know much about terrazzo flooring, it was an early flooring system created by Venetian marble workers during the 15th century. Cement and epoxy terrazzo are two forms of the flooring system. For a basic overview, terrazzo is cement or epoxy mixed with crushed aggregates. The flooring material has seen a reemergence recently mainly due to its sustainability features and you’ll likely find these floors in places like schools, hospitals, and airports.

Cost of Materials and Installation for Laminate Floors and Terrazzo

Laminate floors take on the look of hardwood floors or tile. It is made from composite wood that is pressed together at high temperatures. As for pricing, it is usually half the price of hardwood installations. However, the resale value of laminate flooring is dismal. Even if a laminate floor was damaged, it is difficult to repair. That is why selecting a flooring material like terrazzo may be more up your alley. When considering the lifecycle cost of flooring, terrazzo floors are built to last. While they do have a high initial cost, they tend to not experience many repairs and replacements. As such, it is often considered a luxury to have. But that is is not entirely true. Terrazzo is an investment that pays off over the years.

University of Memphis - Terrazzo Floor

Terrazzo Versus Laminate: Are these floors safe?

Both laminate and terrazzo floors are durable surfaces, yet they receive negative remarks for being slippery. Laminate floors are sometimes slippery. Terrazzo floors are only slippery if wax or a non-recommended sealer is applied. When using the right products during the installation process, terrazzo floors are one of the safest flooring systems to invest in.  Both flooring systems are water-resistant, and terrazzo floors are chemical and fire-resistant as well.

Terrazzo Versus Laminate: Designing Your Floor

There are a variety of design finishes for laminate floors. Rich colorations and textured details can make laminate feel like hardwood.  Terrazzo offers plenty of design possibilities as well. Take for example the size of terrazzo aggregates. Some people prefer the larger shape aggregates known as Venetian while others like the minimalistic versions of terrazzo with the use of fine fillers and standard chips. Terrazzo is what you make of it. Throw in a logo. Throw in several colors. The floor can be designed any way you want it which makes it the most customized flooring system available.

And shocking everyone, this was a close one!!


Both terrazzo and laminate have some amazing pros and their own unique cons, but laminate’s cons were too big to ignore and terrazzo pulled in an additional pro.


This means the winner is:


Check back next month for the next Flooring Showdown: Terrazzo will be in the ring with one of it’s greatest rivals – tile!