Flooring Showdown: Terrazzo versus Tile

Terrazzo vs Tile

Terrazzo versus Tile

Flooring Showdown

In case you missed it, or have forgotten, our previous edition of “Flooring Showdown”, Terrazzo took on laminate flooring.


This month we have a tried and true competitor joining the ranks. Get ready for tile to take on the reigning champ, our very own terrazzo,


Let’s just cut right to the chase, shall we?

Comparing Tile vs Terrazzo

What is Terrazzo Flooring?

To break down terrazzo flooring, let’s take you back to its origins. During the 15th century, terrazzo was formed by Venetian marble workers who reused scrap marble to build terraces around their buildings. To describe terrazzo, it is a flooring material that consists of crushed aggregate in either cement or epoxy matrix. It’s a well versatile material. You can install epoxy terrazzo which has no joints for seamless transitions or you can install terrazzo tile, which is actually 50% lighter than other ceramic and stone tile options.

Cost of Materials and Installation for Tile and Terrazzo

Ceramic tile has a lower initial cost than terrazzo flooring. The selection of tiles can go as low as $1.00 per square foot. Yet while a terrazzo flooring system has a higher initial cost, it is worth the investment over time. Property owners can save so much more because terrazzo requires minimal maintenance, repairs, and restorations. It has one of the lowest lifecycle costs of any flooring material on the market.

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Design of Tile vs Tile of Terrazzo

If you are looking for unique designs for your floors, then tile and terrazzo have plenty of options to choose from. Ceramic tiles vary in colors and sizes allowing you to have customization over your design. Some of the limitations though are its restraints in terms of geometric shapes and dimensions. On the other hand, terrazzo can virtually create just about anything you can imagine. Throw in several colors, art designs, and logos, all performed in situ or on-site. There’s something for everybody if you like the look of terrazzo.

Ease of Installation

For terrazzo flooring, it is recommended to hire a professional installer. They will inspect the floor for moisture-related issues, then trowel the terrazzo floor before bringing it to a polished finish. The difficulty of installing a terrazzo floor is even truer when complex designs are involved. For ceramic tile, almost anyone can install this type of flooring. It’s quite easy. Just make sure your surface is leveled.

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Which floor has the best durability?

Terrazzo floors are well known for their durability. If you ever walked into an older building, you may notice that the terrazzo floor still upholds to this day. They normally are installed in high traffic areas for their low maintenance and long-lasting results. Property owners need not worry about staining or discoloration too. Using proper sealers and cleaning methods will help in the matter. Ceramic tiles may be the less inexpensive option but they eventually can crack. Not to mention grout lines get dirty and start falling apart. It’s definitely not an option if you are expecting heavy objects to scroll across your floors. If you want great results, terrazzo will meet your expectations.

Which floor finish would you choose?

With all of its drawbacks and so few outstanding benefits, tile really just can’t compete with terrazzo.

Once again we have to declare the winner is:


Next month the showdown will return with a different kind of competition.


Make sure you check back to see carpet enter the ring!