Geometric Terrazzo Patterns You Can Design For Your Floors

Terrazzo Design: Geometric Floor Patterns

Geometric Terrazzo Patterns

There are endless possibilities when designing with epoxy terrazzo. For one, you can combine any combination of marble, glass, and Mother of Pearl chips in virtually any color. But also it is possible to create a work of art including all sorts of shapes and patterns. If you considering a terrazzo floor for your next building project, read along to find inspiration on how you can develop a unique geometric terrazzo floor design.

Modern Designs in Terrazzo

Modernize your indoor space in a new and imaginative way with a geometric terrazzo pattern. Traditionally, terrazzo consists of marble chips mixed in a cementitious binder, but the material has evolved to include a wider range of materials including epoxy resin binder and glass chips.


The introduction of epoxy terrazzo in the 1970s led to greater opportunities for architects and designers to specify longer-lasting floors that look remarkable. The geometric designs of epoxy terrazzo not only enhance the aesthetics of building spaces but improve the way people interact with the environment.


These designs are applicable for any indoor space including places like schools and universities, airports, office buildings, hospitals, and municipal buildings.


Concord Terrazzo Company collaborates with artists that can help you plan out a terrazzo design. Contact a representative to schedule a design consultation.

Terrazzo Shapes – Squares and Rectangles

Squares and rectangular floor patterns are some of the more common designs you can create with epoxy terrazzo. The divider strip layout is quite simple to place. Divider strips can intersect diagonally, or placed parallel or perpendicular to one another. Architects and designers can create checkboard patterns, basket patterns, and borders within an area.

Geometric Terrazzo Pattern Square
Checkerboard Terrazzo
Terrazzo Flooring Pattern
Square Terrazzo Design
Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo Shapes – Lines and Curves

The use of lines and curves is another common geometric pattern seen in today’s modern terrazzo designs. Divider strips can easily be bent to form the smooth grooves that flow seamlessly across a surface. In fact, when using divider strips for epoxy terrazzo, they can extend up to 30 feet. This is advantageous for architects and designers looking to create artwork in larger spaces, allowing much more flexibility than a cement terrazzo system which only extends to 3 to 5 feet in length.


You may see schools and hospitals use epoxy terrazzo as wayfinding patterns to help guide people to a designated area of the building. Combining the curved patterns with a wide color palette allows the floors to act as visual cues.

Terrazzo Curved Pattern
Epoxy Terrazzo Design
Free-Flowing Lines Terrazzo Design
Terrazzo Patterns
University of Memphis - Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo Shapes – Circle and Ovals

It is also possible to form circles and ovals with an epoxy terrazzo floor. Patterns can be widened to any diameter and circumference in a given space. Square and curved patterns are more common than circle patterns; however, circles do have their place in today’s modern buildings.


You’ll likely see this pattern used for circular logos, or in an art component of a public space project.

Terrazzo Circles
Troy University Terrazzo Design
Terrazzo Floor - Circle Pattern
Ft. Lauderdale Airport - Terrazzo Design
Circle Terrazzo Design

Other Shapes You Can Create with Terrazzo

There’s so much design flexibility with epoxy terrazzo, you can literally design any floor you like. Standard shapes like curved lines and squares are quite common in today’s modern terrazzo floor designs. But here are some other shapes you can consider – hexagons, stars, crescents, hearts, arrows, and diamonds. No matter which geometric floor pattern you choose, the beauty and customization of epoxy terrazzo cannot be matched with other flooring products.

Hexagon Shape Terrazzo
American Girl Terrazzo Artwork
Mango's Tropical Cafe - Heart Design
Crescent Shape Terrazzo

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