GREENGUARD Gold Schools – Designing High-Performance Schools with Terrazzo

GREENGUARD Gold Schools – Designing High-Performance Schools with Terrazzo


How can building owners and architects create a less toxic environment for schools and universities? One way to do so is by specifying the right products. With sustainable construction on the rise, architects can turn to GREENGUARD Gold-certified products to provide not only innovative design solutions but also healthier indoor environments. We’ll take a look at how architects can specify epoxy terrazzo in designing GREENGUARD Gold schools.

Terrazzo in Schools

What is GREENGUARD Gold?

GREENGUARD Gold originally named GREENGUARD Children and Schools Certification enforces strict chemical emission limits for building projects. Building materials have an impact on the overall indoor air quality of schools, hospitals, and other sensitive environments. When building materials receive GREENGUARD Gold certification, it is scientifically proven to meet the world’s most rigorous third-party chemical emission standards. Architects selecting products with GREENGUARD certification help reduce indoor air pollution while creating healthier indoor environments.


Why Indoor Air Quality is Important in Schools?

Did you know that children spend up to 85% of their time indoors daily? Indoor air quality is a general concern in universities and schools as there are health risks linked to asthma, allergies, and other respiratory diseases when students are exposed to air pollution. Because children are still developing their bodies, they are at greater risk of air pollution. Because their bodies are relatively small than adults, they breathe in greater volumes of content; therefore, it is crucial for architects to consider building products that are healthy for the environment and for building occupants.


Designing High-Performance Schools with TERRAZZCO Brand Epoxy Terrazzo

Epoxy terrazzo is one building material architects can specify for their university and school projects. TERRAZZCO Brand Products is GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold certified tested to have no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).


While terrazzo is well-known for its long-lasting durability and flexible design options, it is gaining widespread attention today in school systems for its sustainable features. Terrazzo contributes to LEED points which can be obtained through the use of recycled and regionally sourced materials, and EQ 4.3 credit: Flooring systems for low-emitting materials.


Epoxy terrazzo has zero VOCs. One can expect no off-gassing over the course of the floor’s lifecycle. In addition to having zero VOCs, terrazzo is nonporous and easy to clean. Epoxy terrazzo is antimicrobial meaning that after the building material is installed it will not support the growth of mildew, mold, and moisture. Having a mold-free environment helps improve the overall indoor air quality.

University of Memphis - Terrazzo Floor

How can GREENGUARD Gold Terrazzo Impact School Systems

Indoor Air Quality programs (IAQ) provide a framework to promote high-quality environmental health, safety, and wellness. For architects, epoxy terrazzo is an easy flooring solution that can give them full direction in design while improving healthier indoor environments.


With healthier indoor environments student performances and attendance can also see improvements. Installing epoxy terrazzo will also solve frequent IAQ issues seen year by year as epoxy terrazzo is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance requirements throughout the floor’s lifecycle. And lastly, as schools transition to using GREENGUARD Gold products, there is a greater awareness of how certain materials can have a long-term impact on wellness.


Additional Resource: Indoor Air Quality Program – TERRAZZCO


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