November 25, 2019

Two New Airport Terminals Open in 2019


Charlotte, North Carolina — Two Terminals for the Louis Armstrong International Airport and Charlotte Douglas International Airport opened to the public in November 2019.


The Charlotte Douglas International Airport revealed The Plaza on November 15, 2019, the third Destination CLT project to be completed, which features new amenities for travelers including new restaurants and retail shops and new epoxy terrazzo flooring.


A week earlier The Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport held its official ceremony on November 5, 2019, opening its new terminal to the public. A parade celebrated the transition from the original terminal to the new MSY terminal.


Airports around the country are currently renovating and expanding its terminals. New amenities prove to excite passengers as airports look to improve the overall travel experience.


The Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and The Plaza East Terminal of the Charlotte Douglas International Airport are just two of the lastest airport construction projects to expand its airports using epoxy terrazzo. Concord Terrazzo Company supplied TERRAZZCO Brand epoxy resins, aggregates, and precast to both construction locations.


The terrazzo floors consist of recycled glass – a move indicating the shift towards eco-friendly designed terminals.


The Charlotte Douglas International Airport continues its development in 2020 with expansion to the existing lobby, creating space for ticketing and baggage claims, security lanes, and offices designed to improve the overall airport operations. Airport construction is needed to accommodate the growing population. The upcoming project is scheduled to be completed by 2026.


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