Introducing: The Next Big Thing in Terrazzo

Terraglow - Next Big Thing

Introducing the Next Big Thing in Terrazzo


Responsibility. Quality. Innovation.


That’s what we at TERRAZZCO® Brand Products have promised our customers. And I’m here to tell you that we have DELIVERED!


You may have noticed a few posts on social media introducing something called “Terraglow” Well, I’m here to tell you exactly what “Terraglow” is. It’s the next big thing in terrazzo.


The Research and Development team at TERRAZZCO® has worked tirelessly to bring to you the world’s first GLOW IN THE DARK TERRAZZO SYSTEM! Pretty exciting stuff, right? Just take a look at these photos:

Terraglow - Lights On

Terraglow with the lights on:

Terraglow - Lights Off

Terraglow once you turn the lights OFF:

And the possibilities for this product are ENDLESS.


Need evacuation paths to be visible in case of a power outage?

terraglow logo

Looking for some exit signs that don’t hike up your electric bill?

terraglow logo

Just want something a little bit extra in your restaurant or store?

terraglow logo

And there’s no reason to stop there!

If you think of any other great ways YOU could use Terraglow, make sure you share them with us on social media! Just tag it #Terraglow


All you need is an adequate amount of light to ‘charge’ the material, and as soon as it gets dark: BAM. Glowing terrazzo.

TERRAGLOW: World's First Glow-in-the-dark terrazzo system

I hope this stuff gets everyone else as pumped as it has me! TERRAZZCO® brand products: RESPONSIBLE, RESILIENT, REMARKABLE!

TERRAZZCO® is an epoxy resin manufacturer located in Charlotte, North Carolina. We can supply Terraglow across the United States and throughout North America. Interested in the next big thing in flooring? Email us at


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