Orange Terrazzo: A Pop of Color

Orange Terrazzo: A Pop of Color

Adding a Pop of Color with Orange Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo flooring is a popular choice today in commercial buildings. Terrazzo is a composite material made from a mixture of chips (marble, glass, shells, granite) bound in either a cement or epoxy matrix. You can find terrazzo in places like airports, schools and hospitals where high-performance flooring is needed. Because terrazzo is a durable and low-maintenance flooring system, it can last for decades with proper care. In this blog post, we will highlight the use of orange terrazzo in building spaces.

Orange terrazzo is not commonly used as a standalone color compared to other shades like white, gray, or black. However, it can add a bold and vibrant touch to a terrazzo floor design. The use of the color orange in terrazzo is dependent on the specific design goals. It’s a niche choice of color, but can be memorable when used correctly. You may often see orange terrazzo in logos, artistic designs, and wayfinding patterns.

Orange Terrazzo Floor

How Orange Is Used in Building Design

Orange is a warm, vibrant color that is associated with feelings of happiness, creativity and enthusiasm. Designers can use the color effectively in building spaces to bring together people for socializing or collaborating in activities.

Studies have shown that orange is effective in restaurant environments, which increase appetite. For gyms and fitness centers, orange influences positive attitudes and motivation, which helps individuals get through their work outs.


Tips for Using Orange Effectively

  1. Use orange as an accent color.
  2. Find a balance with orange by pairing it with neutral colors like white and grays.
  3. Explore different shades of orange. Terrazzo can be tinted into any color. This works well for artistic elements of the terrazzo floor, or in logo designs.
Orange Terrazzo

Designing Orange Terrazzo

Designing an orange terrazzo floor involves key aspects, including the selection of materials, the design pattern, and color scheme.

Selecting Materials

When designing orange terrazzo, there is a wide variety of materials to select from. Starting with the epoxy resin, architects and designers can use any paint deck to find a shade of orange for their project. Next, aggregates are chosen, which includes a variety of material from marble, glass, granite, and shells. Marble chips offer a natural look while glass chips offer a modern aesthetic.

The size of the aggregate should also be considered, which effects the overall look of the terrazzo design. Chip sizes range from size 0 to size 8. For epoxy terrazzo, it is recommended to use standard aggregates (size 0 to 2) to align with the 3/8″ thickness. Larger chips can be used for a more dramatic look.

Orange Terrazzo Accent

Choosing the Color Scheme

Terrazzo is a versatile materials that is used for flooring, walls, countertops and stairs. Choosing an overall color scheme is important. Orange can be created using a variety of shades. Choose colors that complement in the terrazzo design. Requesting samples are a great way to review designs to consider which color schemes work best.


Orange Terrazzo
Designer Series DS-Orange-02 Red Orange Terrazzo
Designer Series DS-Orange-01 Orange Terrazzo
Orange Terrazzo
Orange Terrazzo
Orange Terrazzo
Orange Terrazzo
Orange Terrazzo

Designing the Pattern

Terrazzo has excellent design flexibility. It can form interesting patterns for a commercial space. This includes geometric shapes and detailed floor designs.

Orange Terrazzo Logo
Orange Terrazzo Floor

Why Choose Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is one of the most cost-effective flooring systems available on the market. Best known for its durability and low maintenance, terrazzo saves building owners on flooring costs over time.

But terrazzo’s timeless beauty makes it appealing especially among architects and designers who have the freedom to create any floor design imaginable. Epoxy terrazzo can be installed throughout a building, giving the space an appealing floor design.

Terrazzo has seen an increased popularity in green construction projects due to its use of sustainable materials and overall impact on the planet. Once terrazzo is installed, it has a long lifecycle with evidence that it can reach over 100 years if properly cared for. For building owners, that alone is worth the investment in terrazzo.


Orange terrazzo floors may be a rare find but its possible if it suits a building space. The color scheme can create an artistic pattern that will stand the test of time. Terrazzo is truly a one-of-a-kind flooring system.

If you are seeking to design a terrazzo floor, Concord Terrazzo Company representatives are available to discuss materials with you. TERRAZZCO samples are available at no cost to the architectural and design community. If you are interested in acquiring orange terrazzo samples, contact us for more details! Get started today!