How to Personalize Your Terrazzo Mix Design

How to Personalize Your Terrazzo Mix Design

How to Personalize Your Terrazzo Mix Design


Samples are a great way for architects and interior designers to visualize a product. When it comes to building the next school, airport, hospital or workplace, TERRAZZCO makes it easy for architects to personalize a terrazzo mix design for a sample.

Build Your Own Terrazzo Mix Design

The great thing about terrazzo is its unlimited possibilities. The TERRAZZCO design team collaborates with architects and designers in creating a custom mix design. Here you can experiment with a number of different aggregates and color combinations that best fit your project design needs. Terrazzo samples are made in 6″x6″ designs, in either epoxy or cement per specifications. To help you in creating a custom terrazzo mix design, here are some few tips.

Terrazzo Samples

Tip 1: Explore Color Options

When designing a custom mix design, choosing the color for your terrazzo design is the easiest step. For epoxy terrazzo, virtually any color can be considered. TERRAZZCO’s design team uses a spectrometer to test colors in order to develop the exact match for your designs. Architects and designers can skim through any color deck from major paint manufacturers like Pantone, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams to determine the appropriate colors for the samples.

Tip 2: Determine Aggregate Size

Terrazzo offers many different flooring styles. From fine aggregates to large aggregates, any custom mix design is possible at TERRAZZCO. Terrazzo aggregates are graded from size #0 through size #8. At Concord Terrazzo Company, we crush and process aggregates in any size, including micro aggregates. The most common aggregates commonly used in institutional, commercial and industrial terrazzo designs are standard size #0 through #2. The Venetian style size #3 through size #8 is popular for its large aggregate appearance in a restaurant, retail and hospitality setting, and often used to build custom terrazzo countertops, tabletops, and Venetian flooring.

TERRAZZCO Microaggregate

Micro Aggregates

Standard Terrazzo Sample 46 White Terrazzo

Standard Aggregates

Standard Architectural Hard Kit Sample - Northern White Venetian Terrazzo #1648

Venetian Aggregates

Tip 3: Determine Aggregate

Architects and designers can select from any number of aggregates for their custom mix design. Aggregates range from marble, glass, shell, recycled porcelain, and recycled concrete. A TERRAZZCO design team member can establish a custom mix design formula that combines your selection of aggregates together, in addition to your choice of epoxy color. From a single aggregate to multiple aggregates, there are many possible design outcomes.

TERRAZZCO Sample Collections

When you browse through the TERRAZZCO website, you can find several collections that we have to offer. Each collection is different based on the aggregate or matrix color.

Standard Architectural Hard Kit Sample - Venetian Northern White #1649

Standard Architectural Collection

Marble chips are the most widely used aggregate in terrazzo designs. During the 15th century, Venetian marble workers would reuse marble scraps to build inexpensive terraces surrounding their homes. With the creation of epoxy terrazzo, there are more aggregate options that an architect and designer can choose from; however, marble aggregates have been the traditional choice for centuries.


The TERRAZZCO Standard Architectural Collection features all terrazzo designs with marble chips. Marble chips come in various colors and can be matched in any epoxy color. This is likely the most economical option for terrazzo designs.

Semi-Exotic Architectural Hard Sample - Gray Terrazzo #120

Semi-Exotic Architectural Collection

In addition to the TERRAZZCO Standard Architectural Collection, we offer a semi-exotic collection. Epoxy terrazzo was introduced in the 1970s and led to a breakthrough in design flexibility. As a result, terrazzo can now combine a mixture of aggregates including marble, glass, shells, plastic, and other decorative aggregates.


For the TERRAZZCO Semi-Exotic Architectural Collection, this series features a combination of marble aggregates combined with either a post-industrial recycled glass option or Mother of Pearl aggregate.

LEED Series 6 - Light Gray Terrazzo

LEED Series

Mother of Pearl and glass aggregates offers an elegant aesthetic to a terrazzo design. Mother of Pearl and mirror glass displays reflectiveness to a terrazzo floor when walking across a floor. Glass aggregates are widely used today in terrazzo due to its contributions to LEED credits from recycled sources, and adds vibrancy to the overall design.


The TERRAZZCO Exotic collection features only Mother of Pearl chips and glass aggregates in any epoxy color. This series is the most sustainable option of all collections.

Designer Series DS-EX-8024 Terrazzo Sample - Red Orange

Designer Series

One of the great characteristics of epoxy terrazzo is its unlimited color palette. If you are looking for a colorful design to match your terrazzo, the Designer Series is right for you. Blues. Greens. Purples. Reds. Yellows. And More. The Designer Series offers the most vibrant terrazzo samples of any collection.


This series is best applicable for terrazzo logos or creative floor art.

Monochrome Terrazzo 1119 Blue Grey

Monochrome Series

If you are looking for a uniform color to your terrazzo floor, the TERRAZZCO Monochrome Series matches each aggregate to a shade of epoxy of similar color.


This collection is best used when searching for neutral colors to design a terrazzo floor.

Why Create a Terrazzo Mix Design with TERRAZZCO?

At Concord Terrazzo Company, we understand the architect’s need for a longterm flooring solution. Once a terrazzo floor is installed, it will last a lifetime. To get the best results for a terrazzo floor, we collaborate with architects and designers early on in the planning stage to help them select the materials that are sustainable, economical, and beautiful. The TERRAZZCO design team is dedicated to helping you build something special in the end, transforming your ideas into reality.


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