Aggregates Use in Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete Aggregates

Aggregates used in custom concrete floors can add a level of intrigue and beauty to a building space. There are different levels of aggregate exposure that can be achieved with a polished concrete floor. Medium or large polished concrete aggregates can achieve a floor finish appearance similar to terrazzo floors.

Concord Terrazzo supplies aggregate to flooring contractors. We’ll examine some polished concrete aggregate options for an exposed concrete floor.

Polished Concrete Aggregates

Levels of Aggregate Exposure

There are different styles of concrete floors that aggregates can factor into. Each aggregate exposure produces a distinct appearance.

Polished Concrete
Polished Concrete Aggregates

Cream Polished Concrete

For a cream-polished concrete floor, new concrete is poured to create a polished surface that is marble-like. Fine aggregates are used with minimal exposure.


Salt & Pepper Concrete

Salt and pepper concrete uses fine aggregate to achieve a lightly grounded floor finish.  The floor exposes small aggregates and sands. This type of floor is common in department stores.


Exposed Aggregate Concrete

This type of concrete floor is heavily grounded to expose medium or large aggregates. Once completed, the finished surface will look similar to terrazzo.

Plenty of Polished Concrete Aggregates to Choose From

Many types and sizes of decorative aggregates are available for polished concrete floors, offering extraordinary colors and textures. Two things to consider: the color and size of the aggregates


Types and Colors of Polished Concrete Aggregates

When working with exposed aggregates, there’s a wide range of choices to consider. The most popular decorative aggregates are granite and marble chips. However, contractors have options to incorporate manufactured materials such as recycled glass chips or natural materials such as Mother of Pearl and pebbles.

Contractors can find just about any color for their floor designs. Aggregates vary by color depending on their geological locations. Suppliers can assist contractors in finding unique blends of aggregates, some of which only exist in certain areas of the country.


Take a look at a variety of colorful aggregates that can be used for polished concrete projects:


Snow White

TERRAZZCO Glacier Black Marble Chip

Glacier Black

TERRAZZCO Earth Blend Marble Chip

Earth Blend

TERRAZZCO Driftwood Marble Chip


TERRAZZCO Frozen Blue Marble Aggregate

Frozen Blue

TERRAZZCO Chocolate Pebbles

Chocolate Brown Pebbles

TERRAZZCO Arabescato Aggregate


TERRAZZCO Light Mahogany Marble Chip

Light Mahogany

Size and Gradation of Aggregates

Aggregates are mixed with concrete to increase its overall strength and durability. The industry terms to know are fine and coarse aggregates. Fine aggregates are small in size typically 1/4″ or smaller. Coarse aggregates are either round or angular, and larger in size typically 3/8″ or greater.

When concrete is poured, smaller rock particles rise to the floor’s surface. For exposed polished concrete floors, the goal is to have an even distribution of aggregates.

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