TERRAZZCO Semi-Exotic Terrazzo Sample 1776 - Light Gray

Semi-Exotic Terrazzo Sample 1776

Designed by Concord Terrazzo Company


Semi-Exotic Architectural Hard Sample Collection – Semi-Exotic Terrazzo Sample 1776 is a light grey terrazzo sample comprised of mirror and blue glass. Specify Semi-Exotic Terrazzo 1776 for poured-in-place epoxy terrazzo installations.


Epoxy terrazzo is the standard system today. Offers the best in durability, low maintenance, and flexible designs. Concord Terrazzo Company is a single-source terrazzo manufacturer and supplier, providing flooring contractors with all materials. Semi-Exotic Terrazzo 1776 uses TERRAZZCO Brand aggregates and EZPour Epoxy 158.


Order Samples

Request terrazzo samples or create your own. Sample development takes approximately two weeks to complete. Contact a representative for more details.

Sample Details

  • Products: TERRAZZCO Brand Products
  • Matrix Color: EZPour Epoxy 158 – Grey
  • Aggregates: Marble, Glass, Mirror
  • Availability: Made to Order
  • Projects: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial


  • For use in indoor environments
  • Poured-place epoxy terrazzo floors, terrazzo stairs, wall base, countertops & bartops, tabletops, and vertical applications

Technical & Performance

Alternative Grey Terrazzo Design Ideas:

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How to Order:


Please fill out the sample request form to submit a terrazzo design order. Samples are free to the architectural and design community.


Note: All TERRAZZCO samples are made at the time of each sample request. Please give the design team two weeks to create and deliver the samples. Please only order the samples that you need.