Purple Terrazzo: Adding Elegance To Your Building Space

Purple Terrazzo: Adding Elegance to Your Building Space

Purple Terrazzo: Adding Elegance To Your Building Space

Terrazzo floors are durable, low maintenance, and sustainable, making them a good addition to commercial buildings. In this blog post, we will explore some tips on how to effectively use purple terrazzo. From corporate offices to retail spaces, purple terrazzo can create a memorable and impactful design with a luxurious and creative vibe.

When designing terrazzo, purple is not as common of color as white, gray, or black. But it can be a popular choice of color when crafting a decorative terrazzo floor design in part of the building space. It’s a niche color for terrazzo floors, but it truly is dependent on the design goals of the building or the client’s preference.

Purple Terrazzo Floor

When to Use Purple in Building Design?

The color is associated with luxury, sophistication and creativity. When it comes down to using it in a commercial setting, the color can be used sparingly to evoke feelings of relaxation or inspiration. Consider how the psychology of the color will affect the building space as a whole to create terrazzo around a theme.

East Carolina University - Purple Terrazzo

Use Purple Terrazzo as an Accent

Epoxy terrazzo offers a wide color palette for architect and designers. One of the best ways to incorporate purple terrazzo into a building space is to use it an an accent. Using certain colors for terrazzo in moderation can produce a beautiful and impactful flooring design. Using purple as an accent gives it visual appeal in common areas like reception areas or down corridors.

Purple Epoxy Terrazzo Floor
Terrazzo Floor - Purple Accents
Purple Terrazzo Floor Design

Pair Purple Terrazzo with Neutral Colors

Purple is a bold color so it can be useful to pair it with neutral colors to balance out the floor design. Architects and designers can request samples to determine the color scheme for their floor. Whites, grays and blacks can be paired with purple terrazzo to form a decorative terrazzo pattern, or be used for wall base, stairs, and more.

Use Different Shades of Purple

To create a dynamic terrazzo design, consider using different shades of purple. Light shades pair well with darker shades in large areas. Epoxy terrazzo can be tinted to virtually any color.

Designer Series DS-Purple-02 Purple Terrazzo
Designer Series DS-Purple-01 Purple Terrazzo
Purple Terrazzo
Purple Terrazzo SE 3037
Purple Terrazzo TZ-7
Purple Terrazzo EX3044
Purple Terrazzo EX3048
Purple Terrazzo EX3052

Using Terrazzo For Patterns

Epoxy terrazzo is a one-of-a-kind floor. No other floor can replicate the type of designs and patterns terrazzo floors can create. Purple terrazzo can be used in geometric patterns, logos, and wayfinding cues. There’s plenty of design styles to incorporate terrazzo.

Purple Terrazzo Floor Logo

In Conclusion

Terrazzo has regained popularity over the years for its durability, low maintenance and sustainability. When installed, it has significant costs saving for building owners. With proper care a terrazzo floor can last the lifetime of any building. Now architects and designers have the freedom to design a terrazzo floor to their desired aesthetic. When using purple terrazzo, it is recommended to use it in moderation but can have everlasting effects that can impress visitors and building occupants. The use of colors allows terrazzo to be considered one of the most decorative flooring options available today.

A Concord Terrazzo Company representative is available to assist in designing a terrazzo floor. Samples are free to the architectural and design community. Considering adding terrazzo to a project, contact us for more details. Message us today!