Universal Grinding Plates


July 23, 2018

Concord Terrazzo Company Invents Revolutionary Floor Grinding Plates


Charlotte, North Carolina — Concord Terrazzo Company introduces the Universal Grinding Plates, a revolutionary floor grinding plate for the terrazzo and polished concrete industry.


Owner Peter Mielcarek made the decision to design a floor grinder that helps installers save time, reduce costs, and make surface preparation easier. The Concord Terrazzo Company engineering department created a grinding plate designed to combine multiple tooling styles in an all-in-one floor grinding plate.


Upon release, the Universal Grinding Plate has been tested on over 20 machines across the United States. These plates fit many of today’s floor grinders including Terrco models, standard machinery used in the terrazzo industry.


Features include six magnets providing 78 pounds of pull force per tool,  for a total of 18 magnets per floor grinding plate with a total pull force of 234 pounds. Plugs are held in place with a machined taper fit. Designed to fit 3″ segmented diamonds, 2″ plugs, and PCD shoes.


*Update*  – View product page and watch the floor grinding plates in action: Universal Grinding Plates


Concord Terrazzo Company continuously researches and develops new ways to improve our products through a customer-centric process. When designing the floor grinding plates, we focused on providing a high-quality type of tool that provides versatility and convenience to floor grinders.


For inquiries on the TERRAZZCO Universal Grinding Plate, please contact Concord Terrazzo Company for more details at info@terrazzco.com or complete our online form.