Safe Environments: Terrazzo Floor Safety

Terrazzo Floor Safe Environments

Safe Environments: Terrazzo Floor Safety

When selecting a floor finish, durability and floor safety should be a priority for any project. People often ask if terrazzo is slippery. This is one of the most-asked questions about terrazzo. When slips, trips, and falls account for many workplace injuries, there is some caution when going all-in on terrazzo flooring.


Is Terrazzo Slippery?

The answer to the question of whether terrazzo is slippery is yes and no. Terrazzo can be slippery, but terrazzo can be made non-slippery. This is all dependent on the type of sealer used once a terrazzo surface is polished. You should check the manufacturer’s label for more details; details that indicate that a floor is non-slippery when wet.



It is also possible to achieve a high-polished floor that is non-slippery. Shiny floors may look slippery, but a floor’s slipperiness depends on the sealer contents. Without a sealer, stick to lower grit levels for a more slip-resistant floor.


It is also advised to avoid using waxes or all-purpose cleaners over the terrazzo floor. These materials may add an extra coat of gloss over the terrazzo floor; however, it will result in a slick surface.

Antislip Terrazzo

Terrazzo’s Durability

Epoxy terrazzo is one of the most durable flooring finishes today. The floor has great traction to create a sound walkway, especially in areas where you can expect high volumes of traffic. Under proper care, terrazzo is a material that will last for decades minimizing the risk for cracking and chipping of the surface.


Even precast terrazzo stair treads can add an extra level of durability by adding abrasive strips across the surface. The abrasive strips are extra reinforcement in durability as people walk along the stair’s path.

Terrazzo Stair Slip Resistance

Terrazzo’s Maintenance

Speaking of proper care, terrazzo is a low maintenance flooring system. When spills occur, all it takes is a quick wipe of a mop to soak up the spill without damaging the floor. Always put up wet floor signs when cleaning the terrazzo floor for the day.


The occasional resealing of the terrazzo floor will protect both the floor from foreign matter and protect people from tripping and falling. When it comes to floor safety, you can trust a terrazzo floor.

Antislip Terrazzo

When a flooring choice is associated with slips and falls, it may not be a good idea to install the material in areas with wet conditions like a kitchen or restroom. It is also not advised to install a floor if many children or the elderly interact with the area daily. However, by using an appropriate sealer, you can prevent accidents from occurring with a terrazzo floor. Ask your local terrazzo contractor for more information on the safety of terrazzo floors.