Selecting a “Green” Terrazzo Countertop

Selecting a Greener Terrazzo Countertop

Selecting a “Green” Terrazzo Countertop


Granite, laminate, and wood are some of the traditional materials used to design countertops. However, if you are looking for a “greener” material option that offers an elegant look that matches the durability and maintenance of conventional designs, then terrazzo countertops are a great addition to any kitchen or bathroom project.


Concord Terrazzo Company casts, cuts, and polishes precast terrazzo to form beautiful countertops. For a “greener” countertop, selecting recycled glass and shell chips is suggested. However, anyone can mix and match aggregates to create any design imaginable. Recycled glass can be paired with any colored marble chip for a unique appearance.

Epoxy vs. Cement Terrazzo Countertops

There are plenty of countertop finishes to choose from. Countertops can be made from either cement or epoxy resin. Epoxy resins offer a great color selection than its countertop, but the components are quite “green”. Manufacturers today make their resins as sustainable as possible with very little VOC content, preventing off-gassing to occur. When Concord Terrazzo Company manufactures its resin, we use rapidly renewable materials that are healthy for the environment. TERRAZZCO Epoxy Resins are GREENGUARD Gold Certified containing zero VOCs.


Epoxy terrazzo countertops are non-porous, meaning that the material can protect that surface from stains or chemicals that may otherwise damage the countertop. For cement-based countertops, it is advised to apply a sealer regularly to protect the countertop’s surface. A sealer prevents foreign matter such as spills from penetrating into the surface.

Terrazzo Desk Countertop

Glass Countertops

With terrazzo, the design possibility is endless. But when it comes to countertops, glass remains a popular aggregate choice. It is a standard in most terrazzo countertop designs. Glass aggregates come from either a pre-consumer or post-consumer source. Concord Terrazzo Company processes recycled glass chips from a post-consumer source. This means that the glass we receive has been discarded from a consumer after use. The glass can come from products such as window shields, glass bottles, mirrors, and other sources. We repurpose this material to include it in any terrazzo surface. When creating a terrazzo design, aggregates account for over 70% of the material composition.

Sustainability of Epoxy Terrazzo Countertops

Recycled countertops are a great way to reuse materials and prevent them from ending up in landfills. As seen with the recycled glass, marble chips, porcelain, and shell aggregates can also be used over and over again.  Used with epoxy terrazzo, which contains zero VOC content, you have a countertop that will last a longer duration than other countertop choices. Terrazzo is known to last on average 75 years. When properly maintained, this can help reduce the need to replace or repair a countertop.

Bathroom Terrazzo Countertops

Why Choose a Terrazzo Countertop?

  • Terrazzo is a great alternative to some of the traditional materials used for countertops in terms of low maintenance and durability. Plus terrazzo is trending!


  • Terrazzo allows architects to find the best design possible using a wide range of aggregates and any color imaginable.


  • Terrazzo complements well next to many kitchens and bathroom decor. The countertops are sure to be a highlight of the room.

Making the Selection

If terrazzo is the right material for your countertop, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How large will the countertop be? Precast terrazzo countertops vary in size. It is best to determine the exact measurements beforehand to make sure that a manufacturer is able to complete a countertop that covers the space.


  • Is the material within your budget?  Depending on the size of the countertop and the selection of materials, terrazzo countertops can vary in price. Specialty aggregates such as glass are sometimes priced higher than marble aggregates. When considering the long-term durability and design of a countertop, it can be a worthy investment for your commercial space.


  • Are you looking for an installer?  Unsure where to start? Concord Terrazzo Company can provide design consultation on any countertop design. We have a precast terrazzo shop that can even fabricate the product as well. If you are unsure who can install a countertop for your project, we recommend that you ask a terrazzo contractor in your area, the NTMA, or even Concord Terrazzo Company is happy to assist you if needed.


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