Epoxy Terrazzo: A Sustainable Flooring Option for Commercial Buildings

With the increase of green construction projects around the world, selecting building materials that assist in developing environmentally responsible design is important now more than ever. It takes more than using recycled materials or sourcing materials locally to be considered a green product. Terrazzo flooring is regarded as one of the most sustainable flooring systems you can use in buildings today.


As a material supplier of terrazzo materials, Concord Terrazzo Company takes eco-friendly measures in every step of the development of terrazzo from the sourcing, installation, and product life-cycle. TERRAZZCO epoxy resins are VOC-free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and include options to use recycled materials.

Sustainable Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo Manufacturing Process and Material Consumption


Concord Terrazzo Company manufactures a full line of two-part epoxy resin products to complete an epoxy terrazzo installation. TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158 and other epoxy resin products use the highest amounts of recycled and VOC-free materials in their composition.


Concord Terrazzo Company also trains TERRAZZCO employees to use green techniques throughout the manufacturing and shipping phases, such as using filtered and recycled water, materials reuse, and waste disposal.

Terrazzo Recycled Content

Terrazzo Floors with Recycled Contents


While marble chips are the traditional source of aggregates for terrazzo floors, TERRAZZCO offers post-industrial and post-consumer recycled glass aggregates to mix with our EZPour Epoxy 158 product.


To reduce the amount of glass and mirror products making it to landfills, we partner with local waste facilities and manufacturing companies to bring in their discarded materials. Our warehouse facility crushes the glass products in several sizes and color options that can contribute to LEED credits when designing a terrazzo floor.

Sustainable Flooring During the Installation Process


TERRAZZCO epoxy resins are 100% solids with zero VOCs and non-toxic odors. No off-gassing occurs as the product is installed.


Throughout the installation process, minimal waste occurs when contractors install terrazzo using TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158. Even after the terrazzo installation is complete, the terrazzo floor is easily maintained using environmentally safe, non-toxic cleaners.

Low VOC Epoxy Sustainable Terrazzo Flooring
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Zero VOCs in Sustainable Terrazzo Flooring


Once a seamless terrazzo floor is installed, it is easy to clean. As a result, terrazzo reduces the amount of water, energy, and time to maintain the floor. With zero VOCs, TERRAZZCO epoxy resins maintain a healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) compared to traditional flooring materials. With no harmful gasses transmitting through the surface, epoxy terrazzo can benefit the health of building occupants throughout the flooring life-cycle.

Sustainable Terrazzo Flooring
Sustainable Terrazzo Flooring for Libraries

Terrazzo Longevity


How long a product lasts has an impact on the environment as well. Flooring systems that often need replacing create a problem for landfills. In high traffic areas such as schools, airports, and hospitals, wear and tear causes some flooring types to be replaced much sooner than expected. However, a seamless thin-set epoxy terrazzo flooring using TERRAZZCO EZPour Epoxy 158 gives you the best value if you are searching for a durable flooring system, with a lifecycle lasting the whole lifespan of a building structure with proper floor care.


It is important to state that it takes energy and time to remove and replace flooring multiple times during a building’s lifespan. Terrazzo floors are built to last. Even after the life-cycle of a terrazzo floor is complete, components of the terrazzo floor can be recycled and reused again for new construction or restoration projects.

Learn About TERRAZZCO’s Green Terrazzo Product Line

Green Terrazzo Flooring System

A Flooring Solution For a Better Tomorrow


TERRAZZCO Green Terrazzo System crafts a sustainable and seamless epoxy terrazzo floor system made from renewable ingredients that are Red List Free. Epoxy terrazzo is regarded as a top tier flooring solution known for its durability, aesthetics and low maintenance characteristics. Looking ahead towards the future, Concord Terrazzo Company addresses the need for better high quality and environmentally-sensitive terrazzo products.


TERRAZZCO Green Terrazzo is ideal for high traffic areas such as airports, schools and hospitals. With proper maintenance, a terrazzo floor can last the lifetime of any building. Terrazzo is highly customizable as well giving designers plenty of options including selecting any matrix color, aggregates, polish level, and custom logos and graphics to add to their installation. In addition to terrazzo floors, TERRAZZCO Green Terrazzo products can fabricate epoxy terrazzo precast products such as stairs treads, cove base, and straight base.

Benefits of Green Terrazzo


  • Seamless & Non-porous
  • Durable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Life Cycle Costs
  • Unlimited color & design options
  • VOC Free
  • No Red List
  • Contains Renewable Ingredients
  • Self-priming
  • Contributes to LEED credits
  • Resistant to microbial growth, mold and mildew
  • Resistant to chemicals and stains
Green Terrazzo Flooring System